Advice for New Homeschoolers on How to Stay Organised

One of the biggest struggles with homeschooling is keeping everything organised. With lots of textbooks, notebooks, stationery supplies and more, if it’s a new venture for you and your children, it may be tricky to stay organised at first. Here’s some useful advice to help make homeschooling smooth sailing!

Have a Homeschool Calendar

A great perk of homeschooling is that you and your children can go by your own schedule and what works best for you, rather than being tied to a traditional school year. However, in most cases, children will still need and want to have some sort of school year structure, so having a physical calendar handy that everyone can reference is a good idea. A calendar can also help you plan lessons and map out what curriculum is being followed in advance.

Have A Stationary Caddy

Having a portable stationary caddy that can be filled with all the materials your children will need throughout the day is an absolute must-have for any homeschooling family, especially those who work around a kitchen table. Not only does it mean children can easily access and grab what they need as they’re completing school work, but it will also save everyone time wandering around the house trying to find items. Not to mention it’s super convenient and can be tidied away once the school day is over.

Have One Place To Keep All Homeschooling Items

When your home is cluttered with homeschooling curriculum and supplies from one end to the other, it’s easy for children and parents to quickly become overwhelmed. That’s why it’s so important to keep everything that’s associated with homeschooling in one place to stay organised. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bookshelf in the lounge, a study or a chest of drawers- having one place in your home to keep it all will make the world of difference to each school day.

Teach Your Children The Importance Of Tidying Up

All too often children don’t tidy up properly. Making sure they know the importance of putting away their school books and supplies where they belong at the end of each school day, will make staying organised a breeze. In fact, there should be a ‘place for everything’ – both to save you and your children time and energy when searching for assignments or stationary.