Creative Ways To Cultivate A Love Of Reading with Your Children

There’s never been a better time to get creative and help your child cultivate a love for reading. In fact, new research by the National Literacy Trust has shown that the longer children keep an enjoyment of reading going, the greater the benefits are in the classroom. That’s why it’s so important for parents to take the time to try and make reading an enjoyable, everyday activity for kids. Even though some children don’t need incentive to read regularly, for others reading isn’t always the activity they navigate towards. Here’s some fun and creative ways you can encourage your children to embrace reading and make it a habit they’ll love all year round!

Read Aloud And Make It Fun!

Reading aloud can really help foster a love of books in children, and help them start to associate reading with pleasure. Even though this specific idea might work better for younger kids, taking the time to do voices for different characters and read the text enthusiastically can really help to stir an interest in all things reading.

Make A Cosy Reading Nook

Sometimes where a child reads makes a huge difference when it comes to them actually wanting to read. To help encourage children to engage and enjoy reading, it’s important they have a comfortable and quiet space to go and open up a book. Try finding or creating a new little reading nook in your home – whether that’s a cosy spot in their bedroom or nice patch near a window- getting creative and finding a unique reading area will certainly help when it comes to motivating them to spend more time reading and cultivating their love for it.

Visit The Library Regularly

The library is a wonderful place for children to spend time, especially if you’re trying to ignite a love for reading. Not only can they freely explore hundreds of books, which is exciting in itself, but there’s a huge variety of genres for them to choose from, which can help them decide on their own what type of stories they like. It’s also a good idea to check what activities your library has to offer – many host fun monthly events such as story hours, reading challenges, craft sessions or puppet shows that your children can get involved in.

Let Children Choose Their Own Books

Generally, children will enjoy reading more and do more leisure reading when they get to choose their own books. In fact, the freedom to select books can lead to a positive attitude towards reading, better engagement with books, and a more enjoyable reading experience. It’s also a good idea to not get too caught up on the material they want to read either and let them choose what they enjoy most. Whether this is comics, magazines, poetry, fiction or non-fiction books- all reading is good reading! Often, by giving children these free creative choices with their reading material they’re much more likely to have more fun, be engaged and eventually become life-long readers!

Keep An Eye On Favourite Authors

If your child loves a particular author, it’s a fun idea for them to follow them online to really enrich the experience of reading their books. Many authors and publishers have excellent websites with games, giveaways, activities and answers to questions about their books. You could even encourage your child to write a fan letter to an author they like, getting them to explain why they enjoy their books so much. You never know, they may write back!

Get Involved In World Book Day

When it comes to cultivating a love of reading with your children, one of the most enjoyable ways to do so is to get involved in fun events that are focused around all thing’s books. We recommend getting involved in events like World Book Day, as there’s loads of fun things for your child to get stuck into – from live digital events, to getting a token to choose their own book of choice. Some schools even let children get dressed up as their favourite fictional character for the day to raise money for charity. We don’t think reading gets much more fun than that!

Work With Tutor Doctor to Inspire a Love of Reading

Fostering a love for reading in children is a journey filled with creativity, patience, and the right resources. There are myriad innovative strategies parents and educators can employ to make reading an exciting and engaging activity for young minds. From personalized reading spaces to incorporating technology and interactive reading sessions, the goal is to make reading an enjoyable and enriching experience.

If you find yourself seeking more tailored advice or support in cultivating a reading-friendly environment for your child, Tutor Doctor is here to help. Our team of experienced tutors is dedicated to unlocking your child’s potential and fostering a lifelong passion for learning. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist in your child’s educational journey and help them discover the joy of reading.