5 Ways To Encourage Your Children To Love STEM

With STEM learning not always being the main focus in the primary national curriculum in England, it’s never been more important to try and encourage your children to love STEM. Not only will building up an interest in STEM help enhance your child’s critical thinking skills, but will also boost their future career prospects. Here are 5 ways to encourage your children to take a deeper interest in STEM.

Encourage Curiosity

Sometimes as adults it’s hard to remember how even the simplest experiences for children can be truly eye-opening. Helping your kids stay curious about the world around them is a key factor in building their confidence when it comes to the STEM fields. If they have questions, be sure to take the time to find the answers or some resources for them to enjoy. There’s a whole host of useful STEM websites, fun worksheets to download and short YouTube videos to spark children’s interests too.

Be A Role Model

Children are always listening to their parents and taking on their actions and beliefs as their own. That’s why it’s so important to make a conscious effort to avoid casting STEM subjects like science and maths as difficult or boring. Even if you don’t enjoy the subjects, it’s important to work hard not to let your children feel the same. Instead, try to focus on the fun of learning about something new or a bit trickier as an adventure or a worthwhile investigation.

Enjoy The Outdoors

You don’t need an expensive computer, a fancy lab set-up or even a microscope to engage your kids in the world of STEM. The great outdoors is the perfect place to begin encouraging your kids to look deeper and take interest in the world around them. The stars, insects, the weather, birds, and the changing colour of leaves can all provoke a sense of wonder and encourage further exploration and discussion.

Visit Some Museums

One of the most effective ways to get your children to love STEM is to plan fun trips to museums every now and then. With plenty of different types of museums to visit throughout the UK, they not only promote STEM education through hands-on learning but also make STEM come alive. With interactive exhibits that involve the children in the learning process, they provide excellent opportunities for your kids to see science, technology, engineering and maths in action.

Invest In STEM Toys

Finally, investing in STEM toys is a great way of encouraging a natural interest at home, not only for younger children, but for learners of all ages! The good news is there are plenty of toys that are specifically designed to introduce and develop STEM skills. Basic options include building blocks, Legos, and mechanic kits. Even paper straws and tape can be used as a low-cost option too.

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