6 Gift Ideas For Tutors to Show Them Appreciation

Great tutors play a key role in so many children’s lives as they progress through their school careers. Whether it’s the last day of the school term, National Thank a Teacher Day, or the last tutor session your child will ever have, there are so many meaningful ways to show your appreciation for your tutor.

Let’s take a look at some fun and thoughtful gifts for tutors that they will actually love and that your child will love to give. From artisan coffee to theatre vouchers, we’ve got tutor gift-giving all wrapped up.

1. Book or Theatre Vouchers

The most obvious gift for an English tutor is a book voucher or Amazon gift card. These are great gifts that can be used to buy the latest bestsellers or some literary classics. Or, if they love the theatre, why not consider theatre vouchers that can be used against tickets for plays, shows, musicals, and much more? They can be used up and down the UK and are valid for at least 12 months. From Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to Aberdeen’s Music Hall, these vouchers are accepted in thousands of venues.

2. Artisan Coffee or Tea

Many tutors will tell you they often receive cups and mugs each year from grateful students and parents, but not much to go in them! Why not put that right by treating your tutor to some wonderful artisan coffee? From fresh beans that they can grind themselves to the richest coffee blends, there are many different options to choose from. Or how about some relaxing tea blends they can enjoy at home at the end of a long day of tutoring?

3. Fruit Baskets

We’ve all heard about the apple left on the teacher’s desk as a thank you, so why go one stage further by treating your tutor to an entire fruit basket? Fruit makes a fabulous gift, especially when in an attractive and tempting arrangement. From exotic fruits to traditional English apples, pears, and plums, there are so many combinations to choose from. Even better, many high street grocers make up fruit baskets on request, or you could try making a fruit basket yourself for an even more personal touch.


4. Homemade Cakes or Biscuits

Is there anything more personal than a homemade gift? Homemade cakes and biscuits can be as simple or as elaborate as your skills allow and really show how much you appreciate your tutor. You can also get your child involved in your baking or confectionery creations. From iced cookies cut out in the shape of school items to personalised cupcakes, there are so many possibilities to try out.

5. Stationery

There isn’t a tutor on the planet who doesn’t regularly run out of stationery. From buying pens and pencils to stocking up on marker pens and planning folders, tutors are possibly responsible for keeping many of the big stationery brands going today! Why not look for some stationery supplies that your tutor can use for themselves rather than giving or lending to students? Look for stationery sets with lots of matching items, or how about a personalised stationery tray?

6. A House Plant

House plants are often very gratefully received but sadly rarely given. When your tutor is planning out your child’s next tutor session, they will no doubt do it from their desk at home. Give them a plant to liven up their space and that is a constant reminder that their hard work is appreciated. Spider plants and money tree plants are easy to look after, while amaryllis will bloom every year with minimal maintenance. Your child could even decorate the pot with a thank you message.

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