How to Get Your Students Excited About Learning

Tutoring offers a wonderful opportunity to challenge, inspire, and encourage young minds. But how can you maintain a student’s enthusiasm and interest, even when tackling less captivating subjects?

In this article, we’ll explore ways you can keep students genuinely excited about their lessons and their educational journey overall. From drawing on their interests to fostering a growth mindset, we’ll give you some tools you can start using right away in your sessions.

Connect Learning to Their Interests

Before creating your next lesson plan, take a moment to consider what interests or hobbies your students have. Are they passionate about art? Does science turn their cogs? Are they enthusiastic about a certain historical era? Maybe they are fascinated by the latest tech gadgets. Try to draw parallels between their interests and the topics you teach them. For instance, if they love technology, you could explain mathematical concepts using real-world tech examples.

Get Hands-On

Children and even older students learn best when they can touch, feel, and experience concepts first-hand. When multiple senses are engaged, it’s amazing how quickly understanding follows. Whether it’s an art project, a science experiment, or even a history reenactment, hands-on activities make learning feel less like work and more like play.

Use Real-World Examples

Think about how you could highlight how a particular subject applies to everyday life. Instead of just teaching equations, showcase how maths helps in planning a family vacation or understanding football league table results. By understanding the practical use of what they are learning, your students will see the value and purpose of their education. And best of all, you’ll get to show that maths can be useful in surprising situations outside of the classroom!

Foster a Growth Mindset

Have you spoken to your students about the growth mindset yet—the idea that intelligence and abilities can be developed with effort, time, and the right approach? It’s a great way to treat mistakes as learning opportunities and encourage resilience. When students believe they can grow, they will become more invested in their learning process and gain confidence.

Incorporate Technology More

The digital age and educational world are becoming increasingly entwined. For students who are naturally drawn to screens and technology, learning that incorporates digital resources will pique their interest and keep them engaged. From educational apps that incorporate gamification to online quizzes, there are many ways to make lessons more interactive.

Set Clear, Achievable Goals

The best learning is learning that makes students feel like they are making good progress. Set specific and measurable goals that are achievable, relevant and time-bound. Those eagle-eyed readers out there will have realised we’ve just described the SMART system of goal setting. When you break down learning into manageable chunks and celebrate every achievement, students stay motivated and excited to take on the next challenge.

Give Students Choice

Whenever possible, get your students involved in choosing how they learn. For example, you might ask them which Shakespeare play they would like to study next or to choose a spelling theme for the week. When students feel they have a say in their education, their motivation can skyrocket.

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