Meet Our Team

Jessica Jindal

Education Consultant

Jessica is a passionate educator, having attained a First Class Honours Degree in Science with Education, she attended a Birmingham Grammar School as a student. She has taught maths and science at private, comprehensive and grammar schools across Birmingham. Having a teenage son, she has first-hand experience of the local education and 11+ system across the Birmingham region from a parental perspective. Jessica’s aim is to provide local students with the support they need to access any opportunity they desire. She has always had an interest and passion for education and has worked in the education sector for 25 years and was previously a senior manager for a global education company, overseeing the tuition delivered across the country. She has also tutored in numerous subjects particularly 11+, maths and science since being a university student herself. This expertise has enabled her to understand students’ differing needs, learning styles and to deliver personalised academic support enabling them to reach their goals. Jessica also works directly with schools across the Birmingham area delivering personalised tutoring support.

Luke Lonergan

Education Consultant

Luke is a passionate educator, with hundreds of hours of tutoring experience from primary through to university level. Feedback has consistently been that his sessions are engaging and innovative and he has demonstrated an exceptional ability to develop students enabling them to reach their goals. Luke is a keen writer, footballer and TV fanatic. He holds a degree from the University of Sheffield in Theology and Religion as well as an MA in Film and Television from the University of Birmingham. He has written for theatre, TV and podcasting too – so he knows his way around the English language.

Shirley Kaye

School Support Coordinator

Shirley has first-hand experience of the education system through her two sons, one of which is a lawyer and the other attending university. Shirley has many years’ experience in the education sector with an administration role in college, and supporting education franchisees with delivering high-quality tuition. Shirley manages our customer care and ensures our parents and students receive a high-quality service. She also manages our school contracts and works closely with their decision makers.