Australia & Africa Stories

Australia & Africa Stories

Families from all over Australia & Africa nominated their tutors for our Tutor of the Year Award. Read some of the incredible stories below!

Nominated Tutor: Betty W.

My daughter, Emma, is 14 years old and has visual processing difficulties and short working memory - these 2 combined cause her huge challenges especially in reading comprehension and recalling information. Every school test was a trauma, often resulting in panic attacks and meltdowns. My daughter has had a number of English tutors since the age of 9 with differing degrees of success. Betty started working with Emma in September 2017, there was an instant connection between them. Betty has worked tirelessly to engage Emma in reading, writing and spelling.

Emma's passion is dancing - she wants to be dancer, a dance teacher and then run her own dance school. Betty has taken this passion and brought it into the learning environment with Emma, even buying her own copy of a Dance Magazine so that they could review dance texts together. She also takes the time to explain to Emma that focusing on English will still be a vital skill if you want to run your own business.

Betty is kind, patient and creative in the way she works with Emma. Varying the lessons and adapting the activities to take account of "teenage" levels of enthusiasm and moods. After a particularly heavy week of tests for Emma, Betty decided to play a spelling game with her, again connecting with her and never missing a learning opportunity albeit in a subtle way. The results speak for themselves - no more panic attacks before tests, more confidence in her English work, improved structured writing and her ability to read and understand texts.

Our daughter still has a long way to go - with GCSEs in 2 years. However, Betty has been fundamental in this change of attitude and improved confidence and ability. We are looking forward to continuing working with Betty over the coming years. We believe Betty should win this award because she is a miracle worker - she has helped Emma to break down learning barriers, gain confidence and improve in the areas she finds challenging. She is a pleasure to work with, always positive and brings the best out of Emma.

Nominated Tutor: Pippa E.

My son was reluctant to say the least to have tutoring for Spanish following a poor GCSE mock result. He said he didn’t care what he got and that we should focus instead on the high results he obtained in other subjects, the ones he wants to study at A level and hopefully beyond. But beneath the bravado I felt he did care and went ahead anyway! He and Pippa hit it off from the first session. His confidence grew and before long he was achieving noticeably better results in class. Pippa focused on his strengths and drew out of him the Spanish he claimed not to know! Pippa made the lessons not just interesting, but there was an element of fun mixed with competitiveness - perfect for Gabriel. She completely got how he learns best. Pippa’s tutoring I feel boosted his revision across all his subjects and it’s shown him how not to give up on something simply because you don’t like it or want to do it. I was also impressed that he was keen to improve in Pippa’s eyes - remarkable especially as his Spanish teacher had given up on him and there was quite a battle of wills going on at school between them in lessons. Pippa showed she believed in him and he wanted to please her. Pippa’s tips before each of his exams and her calm, confident manner rubbed off and we had minimal exam stress. I know he hopes he’s done her proud and we’ll miss her cheery smile on Monday evenings.