Canada Stories

Canada Stories

Families from all over Canada nominated their tutors for our Tutor of the Year Award. Read some of the incredible stories below!

Nominated Tutor: Eric T.

Eric has helped Robbie gain confidence in his math skills. Eric has helped in his overall attitude toward math. He’s been a great role model and mentor. Eric also goes the extra mile and provides detailed reports about Robbie. He also had insight into how Robbie was doing emotionally and cared for his overall well-being. Eric not only taught essential math skills but also cared about Robbie as a person. He developed excellent rapport and connection with my son. Robbie felt accepted, well liked and smart in his presence. Thank you Eric for being a fantastic math tutor and more importantly thank you for being a great person!

Nominated Tutor: Paolo T.

Paolo is a patient and effective tutor. When I first considered reaching out to the Tutor Doctor for my daughter I was hesitant to go with a male tutor for the sole reason that I thought she would bond best with a female tutor. I was mistaken. Paolo is the perfect fit. His patience and perseverance has had a positive impact on my daughters high school experience. He knows what approach to take with our daughter. He assesses each session with patience and caters the lesson accordingly. Our daughter’s grades improved. Her self confidence changed and also improved. We are so pleased with Paolo and appreciate all that he does for our daughter.

Nominated Tutor: Corey B.

Corey has shown amazing patience with my son helping him with his grade 8 math. He explains things in ways that Jacob can understand and if one way doesn't work he will try to find other ways. Jacob has mentioned numerous times how much he likes Corey and math is becoming less stressful. He still has a way to go to catch up on his grade but in the time Corey has been working with Jacob, he has passed his first two tests of the year. Corey asks Jacob to explain his answers and no matter if it is wrong or not Corey has a very gentle way of correcting him, never making him feel bad for getting the wrong answer. He is exactly the type of person Jacob needs to help him. Corey has been a blessing so far.

Nominated Tutor: Christian E.

Christian is a superb, natural tutor who has been invaluable to my daughter as she made her way from Grade 11 and 12 Biology and Chemistry. He is engaging, funny, inspiring and makes science fun. My daughter who has been very lucky to have this wonderfully inspiring science tutor in her life. In terms of impact: Christian has ensured that she has kept up her marks and is engaged in the topic. She has gained entrance to university partly with Christian's patient, humourous, thorough style. He is top drawer as they say in Britain.