Canada Stories

Families from all over Canada nominated their tutors for our Tutor of the Year Award. Read some of the incredible stories below!

Nominated Tutor: Amy S.

Amy has been tutoring our daughter for 3 years. She is always very accommodating for our crazy family schedule. She has great ways of breaking down problems and different ways of approaching questions that make sense to our daughter. Recently our daughter has been dealing with some significant health concerns and has missed a great deal of school. Amy always comes with a smile and when she leaves my daughter feels much more positive and able to tackle what she has missed.

Nominated Tutor: Nirali P.

Nirali is not only very knowledgeable of the subject (science) but she is excels at teaching science concepts. Some tutors tend to do the work for their students and as a result the student doesn’t really learn the concepts, but Nirali patiently covers all the information that my daughter’s teacher has covered in class during the week and helps her to think through all of her homework questions. Nirali takes the time to ask her questions to make sure she fully understands the concept, then has her complete practice questions and checks her understanding. Nirali is kind, patient , understanding, flexible, motivating and a positive influence and her help this semester has helped my daughter do her best in a subject she really doesn’t enjoy. She clearly cares about my daughter and encourages her to do well. My daughter’s confidence has increased and she actually looks forward to seeing Nirali for tutoring – we all do. I only wish Nirali tutored in math too.

Nominated Tutor: Laura R.

Laura has been a tremendous help. Not only has she been professional with every session by showing up on time, being prepared for the lesson and staying focused on the task at hand. She has gone above and beyond by giving each session a little extra whether its spending those five extra minutes to make sure my son is understanding correctly or selecting relevant material that interests him. Laura also coordinates with his teachers on a regular bases and has honestly become a part of the family. We all look forward to her visits each and every week. Thank you so much Laura for all your hard work and dedication to my son!

Nominated Tutor: Rup P.

Rup is an excellent Calculus and Advanced Functions tutor for my daughter. She takes her time to explain complicated math theories, concepts and techniques to Victoria. Rup has a lot of patience with her and she repeats difficult problems which Victoria may not comprehend the first, second or third time. When she has finished a particular section with Victoria, she will revise it to make certain that she understands the concepts. I have noticed that once Rup leaves our home, Victoria seems very happy and full of confidence to attend math class the next time. Building confidence in your student is extremely important as that, to me, is the foundation that enables Victoria to BELIEVE that she can ask questions in class and not feel subconscious that she’s asking a silly question. The confidence that she gains from Rup’s teachings propels Victoria to succeed on her math tests. Rup is not only Victoria’s tutor but she actually has become a friend to Victoria. Victoria has shared with me that Rup is so intelligent that she, Victoria, admires her and looks up to her. Rup has also encouraged my daughter to ask her questions about other subjects at school and not only that, but Rup has assisted Victoria with her university applications. Rup is always willing to help Victoria whenever she needs assistance. I can honestly say that Victoria always looks forward to Rup’s arrival and Rup is always, always on time. She also remains a little longer if Victoria needs the help. Victoria’s math marks have increased and she is more confident, as I stated above, in Calculus and Advanced Functions class. Rup is a very respectful and respectable young lady. I enjoyed seeing her in our home and I think that the Tutor Doctor company has made an excellent choice in working with her. I wish Rup all the best in her future endeavours and I do believe that she should be Tutor of the Year!