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Sam Marshall - Australia & Africa Regional Winner

undefinedSome people have a never-ending passion for learning and Sam is undoubtedly one of them. Currently, Sam is studying for a primary school teaching degree while also tutoring on average six students per week. Even with his hectic schedule, Sam has always makes himself available to take on new students.

A naturally gifted teacher, parents are always sending in glowing feedback about Sam’s unique teaching style. Sam is known to be extremely calm, patient, and unobtrusive when tutoring his students. For these reasons, even the most struggling students feel at ease around him.

“My 10 year old daughter was really struggling with her confidence in school for math, English, and science, to the point where she wouldn't even attempt to answer questions or complete tasks,” says the mother of one of Sam’s students. “Since Sam started tutoring her, her teachers have reported a completely new found confidence. Now, she gets excited to take on challenges,” she smiles. “We are very grateful for the work Sam has done. He really seemed to understand my daughter’s learning style and the way in which she learned best.”

We know that everyone learns differently, and the best tutors are able to adapt their instructional style to each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. Sam excels at this and embodies why one of our core goals is to make sure students and tutors are appropriately matched.

“The matching process that happens between students and tutors is one of the best things about working with Tutor Doctor. It eliminates any common issues that can come up when parents select a tutor on their own,” says Sam. “Depending on the needs of the student, Tutor Doctor matches them with a great tutor. It’s a really is a worthwhile learning strategy.”

Sam is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Education. While his lectures are challenging, it’s clear that Sam was born to teach.

“Every afternoon that I have tutoring sessions I thoroughly look forward to working with my various students,” says Sam. “Each of them are unique, and it is yet equally rewarding to aid in their learning.

Urmi Joshi - Canada Regional Winner

undefinedUrmi is extremely committed to all of her students and has over 18 years teaching experience. While her main focus is on chemistry, maths, science, and languages, Urmi knows that teaching isn’t always about academics. In fact, Urmi has been known to go above and beyond to find solutions for students that need extra help.

“I worked with a student who had difficulty with fine motor skills and was also struggling with anxiety,” says Urmi. “Not only did I assist him with chemistry, but I also helped him to overcome his anxiety by recommending yoga and meditation. It benefitted him not only in his work performance, but also in his ability to manage his anxiety,” she explains. “I was able to help him gain confidence in his own abilities, and as a result, he was able to succeed in his studies.”

Urmi has a critical understanding of what makes a great teacher - the fact that learning is a mutual experience means that both the tutor and the student should benefit from the learning process.

“Teaching makes me a constant learner,” adds Urmi. “I’m more optimistic, persistent, and philosophical.”

Urmi has exhibited a strong commitment towards her students during her time working with Tutor Doctor. Although she started tutoring with us in 2015, when Urmi relocated she felt so strongly about our mission and values that she asked to be recommended to her new local Tutor Doctor location.

For Urmi, teaching is rewarding in more ways than one. She has a natural gift of tutoring and a genuine love for learning.

In Urmi’s words, “It brings me eternal happiness to know I’ve made a difference in my students’ lives.”

Daniela Galvez - Latin America Regional Winner

undefinedDaniela, who is based in Peru, now works with over 10 students - and she’s in high demand! With her bright personality and glowing smile, it’s easy to see why students simply adore Daniela. Many students are taught in English in Peru. This additional language barrier can sometimes cause students to struggle. Daniela is fluent in both English and Spanish, which allows her to connect with students in both languages effortlessly.

“Daniela worked in an amazing way with my 16 year old son, and it has helped him to learn what he could not understand in school,” says the Mum of one of Daniela’s students. “But the main thing that has helped him is the emotional support, boosting his confidence in his ability to learn. My son is a visual learner, and Daniela took that into consideration from day one,” she exclaims. “Now my son uses markers, colours and pictures to help him learn and stay organised!”

Perhaps Daniela is able to connect so deeply with her students due to her own experiences with adversity. Daniela understands how important self-confidence and assurance is to a growing mind. “Being part of a vulnerable population, such as the LGBT community can make it even harder for to seek help at work due to fear of not being treated equally,” says Daniela. “Nonetheless, I have received nothing but full support, understanding and care from Tutor Doctor.”

Daniela is a biologist and graduated from the distinguished National Agrarian University in Lima, Peru. Although biology is her passion, Daniela’s wealth of knowledge allows her to tutor students in a wide array of subjects. Daniela also tutors students in chemistry, physics, maths, and writing.

We believe that learning is for life. Daniela recognises this better than anyone, and understands that learning is a mutual process.

“Being a tutor has, ironically, taught me so much. I have learned about areas I never imagined students would ask for help with, but I have also learned about my own strengths and weaknesses as a tutor,” says Daniela. “It has made me realise that I may not always have all the answers, and that’s okay! This is nothing to be ashamed of, for we are all here to learn through our whole lives, from ourselves and each other.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Chris Hinsley - UK Regional Winner

undefinedChris works exclusively with students who have disengaged with education in the traditional framework. Chris has an incredible, dedicated perseverance to work with students that do not believe in themselves and may not have the support at home to encourage them to achieve success. He is always willing to take on students who will benefit from his understanding that education is not just about helping students get through their exams, but also to help them in understanding the world around them and showing them the possibilities of what they can do in life.

Within teaching, some of the most challenging situations are working with students from troubled backgrounds, some of whom may have suffered neglect and even abuse. These children often require more creative and innovative techniques and comprehensive support to engage with their studies, as they have lost motivation for education and lost faith in their own potential.

It takes a truly remarkable person to work with students who are facing personal challenges - and that’s where Chris comes in. Chris has worked with only the most complex situations and individuals since starting with Tutor Doctor, never once declining a student. Chris’ belief is that with a positive attitude and outlook, a great tutor can reach any student through creativity, patience, and perseverance.

One-to-one tutoring allows Chris to approach students in a unique way that wouldn’t be possible in a classroom environment. “Some of the students I work with can hardly read, write, or speak,” says Chris. “They are struggling in a world where communication is the key to everything,” he explains. “If I was a teacher in school, I would be constrained by the curriculum and have to teach them Shakespeare. As a tutor, I can focus on helping the student to interact with the world and get the best out of life.”

We spoke with a senior case worker Chris had the opportunity of working with. This is what he had to say:

“Chris constantly goes above and beyond in the best interest of the student. Chris has been adaptable, relentless, and extremely understanding in all he does considering the troubled background of his students. His creativity holds no limits as he constantly finds innovative and imaginative ways to help engage and motivate the students he works with.”

Chris embodies some of the best things about Tutor Doctor, most importantly our core belief than everyone can learn.

Emily Bacon-Picardi - US Midwest & Northeast Regional Winner

undefinedEmily is a school teacher but her passion for learning reaches far beyond the classroom. While she loves being at school, Emily understands that individual tutoring allows her to form a closeness with her students that simply isn’t possible in group environments.

“Being a tutor has made me a much more effective classroom teacher,” says Emily. “When I work one-to-one with struggling students, I learn strategies, interventions, and new programmes that I can then apply to my own classroom of learners.”

Without a doubt, Emily has produced some incredible student transformations. A mother of one of Emily’s students tells us how grateful she is that her daughter is now constantly reading books. Her child despised reading and was desperately struggling to keep up in school. The school even recommend summer school.

Emily changed all that. Being a client of Tutor Doctor’s for over three years now, mum is happy to report that her daughter currently reads above grade level. All of the parents Emily works with have similar stories, saying that she is a naturally gifted instructor and genuinely cares about her students and seeing them succeed.

Even in challenging tutoring situations, Emily has proved time and time again that her calm, patient attitude and unique approach to tutoring is certainly something special. A year ago, a student that had gone through multiple tutors and learning centres was matched with Emily for SAT test prep. The student was diagnosed with a sensory disorder, and previous attempts to raise his score weren’t working. After working with Emily on SAT preparation, he was able to raise his score by 200 points.

Our goal is to match students with tutors that have a true passion for teaching and connect on a personal level. Emily has a remarkable ability to apply her skills in varying environments, always making sure the student comes first.

As Emily says, “I believe every teacher should start as a tutor, to learn more deeply about how to effectively serve the struggling students in the classrooms today.”

Jan Hurst - US South Regional Winner

undefinedJan has tutored more than 30 students and has been working with Tutor Doctor for over three years. As a high school AP English teacher, her specialty is test preparation. Jan understands that teaching is so more than just a job - she believes in Tutor Doctor’s values and the relationships she builds with the students she works with are something special. Jan even likes to stay in touch with students after they have gone to university. It’s no surprise that her students are eternally grateful towards her, as she averages an incredible 6-8 point increase in English and reading on the ACT.

“I love to see students of all levels succeed,” says Jan. “It isn't just about the big exam for me. I want students to feel confident in their abilities again. Oftentimes, they are so defeated that the first objective is to get them to once again believe they can achieve academic success.”

We believe that learning isn’t just about the now - learning is for life, and Jan understands this better than anyone. She knows that tests and exams are only stepping stones to a student’s future.

“College is expensive,” Jan explains. “I primarily work with students on the ACT and SAT tests. Helping them raise their score is only the tip of the iceberg. By raising their score, they can qualify for scholarships that may very well be the only way they can go to a certain university or even at all. The long term impact this has on a student is what pushes me to keep going.”

Working with Tutor Doctor allows Jan to work with a range of students, each unique with diverse learning styles. More importantly though, Jan understands how learning must be a two way street. As a single mum, Jan believes being a tutor has boosted her own confidence due to the positive impact it has on the community.

“I have grown tremendously as a teacher through my experience with Tutor Doctor,” says Jan. “I can't say enough about how much I appreciate the opportunities Tutor Doctor has given me.”

Clarissa Romez - US West Regional Winner

undefinedClarissa has a genuine passion for teaching and the connections formed between her and her students are truly remarkable. When her students have moved away, her local office always hears the same request: “Can Clarissa keep tutoring, even if it’s online?”

Patient, loving, encouraging, focused, and reliable. These are the words Clarissa chooses to describe herself, and they align perfectly with Tutor Doctor’s core values.

Clarissa exemplifies this on a daily basis checking in with school offices, parents, and teachers to ensure everyone is aligned. Clarissa believes organisation is a key to success. Time and time again, she has managed to succeed with even the most challenging students and the transformations are nothing short of magnificent.

“Toward the end of the school year, I was matched with a student who had failing grades in an Honors Chemistry class. I discovered that he would need to achieve at least 80% in every single assignment, lab, quiz, and test, as well as his final exam,” says Clarissa. “I devised a plan. We started to study together for every quiz and test doing 4 hours of tuition per week. The results started to show; he started to answer questions correctly and then the day came when he scored his first 100% on a quiz! He passed his class, and I was very impressed with the transformation he went through.”

Clarissa has a Master’s Degree in Animal Biology from the University of Brasilia, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree and teaching license in Biological Sciences. With her breadth of knowledge in the sciences, AP biology, molecular biology, anatomy, genetics, microbiology, chemistry, and statistics – just to name a few - it’s no surprise that many students rely on her expertise in specialised areas.

When she’s not tutoring, Clarissa spends much of her spare time giving back to the community. She volunteers at the Turtle Bay Museum and remains hands-on with her passion for animal biology. She also helps with tutor recruitment efforts with her local Tutor Doctor office.

In Clarissa’s words, “Tutoring changed my life because it grants me the privilege of seeing transformation daily through the lives of my students, and my hope is that this will make a change in the world.”

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