USA Stories

Families from all over the USA nominated their tutors for our Tutor of the Year Award. Read some of the incredible stories below!

Nominated Tutor: Andrew P.

Although we only saw him a few times this past year he definitely left his mark! My daughter was going through a horrific depression and unlike others who would keep their distance, he just jumped right in with wonderful kind words and a can do attitude! It was amazing to see her go from crying minutes before a session to laughing and joking before the session ended! The extra time he took to make sure my daughter was organized and prepared was crucial. I don’t know how she would have fared without his assistance. Even if Andrew doesn’t win hopefully he gets to see this and know what a wonderful impact he made! We will always be grateful for his gentle nature and calming vibes! What a fantastic human!

Nominated Tutor: Olga A.

Olga puts 100% effort into everything she does, and that includes her students. I was fortunate enough to get to be one of those students. She worked long and hard to make sure I not only did my Spanish homework right, but made sure I actually truly understood what I was doing. She would often stay extra hours simply in the name of helping me out, in spite of her rigorous academic schedule. I can’t think of a tutor more worth or deserving of this award. I feel fortunate to have had Olga as my assigned tutor, because I not only improved in Spanish, but gained a valuable friend in the process.

Nominated Tutor: Samantha E.

Rebecca’s grades were D/F. She complained that the teachers would not help her or give her additional explanation for her assignments. One day she came home and said that when she asked the teacher to explain the teacher said, “I already explained the assignment and you should have got it the first time.” You can imagine how I felt! – anger, frustration, sadness for my child being treated like a second class citizen because she asked a question. Since this was her senior year of high school I had to do something. She was on the verge of not graduating. I sat down for a talk with her councilor, got Rebecca doing extra classes online, and starting looking for a tutor. I am Rebecca’s Grandmother and have raised her since she was a baby without help. I called Grandparents raising Grandchildren and they agreed to pay for her first 4 tutoring sessions. It was hard to afford but we were so happy with our tutor and saw better grades and Rebecca had better understanding immediately. Samantha was able to explain so much better than the teachers had done. With math especially, the level of understanding went up immediately. Instead of D/F grades we saw Bs. Samantha also did SAT and ACT prep and we were amazed with her results. Rebecca graduated high school last week and we are so grateful to Samantha. Rebecca is getting registered for Eastern Florida University classes. We are planning to call for more tutoring for her college algebra classes. I am so grateful to Samantha because without her, Rebecca would not have graduated this year or be starting college.

Nominated Tutor: Aresa G.

In the beginning, we didn’t know where to begin. Our son had just been diagnosed with dyslexia and we had no idea how to help, so we turned to Tutor Doctor. We were blessed to have received a tutor that is dyslexic herself, along with her children. She gets its and she gets how she needs to help Ryker. We have been able to share many accomplishments with her and she truly cares about how he is doing and succeeding. She not only cares for her client, but she cares about us parents as well. We have built a good friendship and hope to continue this journey with her as long as we can. She truly is a great asset to Tutor Doctor. She shows up each time with a smile on her face and ready to go. Sometimes our son is not the easiest child to get through the hour, but Aresa tries different things to keep him focused. She has changed our son – he actually enjoys reading now and is doing awesome things. She simply is the best and we couldn’t have asked for a better person for our son. She deserves to be the best tutor!!!

Nominated Tutor: Carly C.

Carly has taken a personal interest in Sara and aligned herself as an advocate, mentor and role model. She keeps up on all of Sara’s grades and engages her in productive dialogue that pertains to her future, goal setting, educational choices, career possibilities and yet does not discourage her from idealism. We love her and have started to think of her like family although she is always professional and maintains decorum. Carly is a living example of what a well rounded education can provide for a child and she is an excellent representative for Tutor Doctor.