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Tutor Doctor’s X-Skills

Creating a Game Plan for Success

Does your child stay up late the night before their homework is due? Do they lose focus easily or forget when a project is due? These are all executive functions that could be holding them back in their academics. We know that academic success is not built on knowledge alone. Many struggling students are capable of high-level learning, but they struggle as a result of their lack of academic discipline. Tutor Doctor’s approach includes an emphasis on skills known as the Executive Functions—vital components of independent thought and action. These tools are what allow our pupils to become competent and confident students. At Tutor Doctor, we call these vital tools “X-Skills.”

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Our tutoring programme includes a workbook that helps students tackle skills such as:

  • Time Management
  • Organisation
  • Prioritisation
  • Task Initiation
  • Focused Attention
  • Working Memory
  • Long-Term Performance

The X-Skills Academic Game Plan

The X-Skills are capabilities vital to being an independent and self-motivated individual. Learning these skills is not just vital for school—they’re vital skills in work, in personal relationships, and life in general. The home tutors we work with aim to develop your child’s X-Skills while supplementing their classroom learning. As a result, our pupils’ become well-rounded and well-prepared for success in any endeavour.

The tutors we connect you with understand the stress students feel when they are provided with knowledge without the tools required to apply it. No matter your student’s age, background, or skill level, they can benefit from the Academic Game Plan. The tutors we work with are highly trained in each of these practical skills, offering exercises and action-oriented steps to help them conquer bad habits and unlock untapped potential.

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