Blog Posts in June, 2017

  • Educational podcasts for kids

    Podcasts, even though a fairly new phenomenon, are certainly something to embrace when it comes to learning. Not only are there hundreds of specially produced podcasts for kids and teaching out there ...
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  • 3 ways to teach kids self-control

    Most children are impulsive by nature, meaning sometimes it can be tricky for them to exercise self-discipline and control over their behaviour and actions. However, with recent studies showing that ...
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  • Last-minute revision tips for exam success

    Exams can be the most daunting time of year even for the most hardworking students. With multiple exams to revise for, a busy school schedule alongside lots of nerves, the weeks during exams can be ...
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  • Summer projects for teens

    The summer holidays are almost here, meaning an abundance of free time for your teenagers! Even though the school bell will have stopped ringing, it’s important that your teens continue to learn and ...
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