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‘A’ Levels have the power to affect the university you attended, so getting good predicted and actual grades at AS Level and A2 Level is vital. Putting in the effort now can greatly improve your chances of getting offers from top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Russell Group Universities.

Students facing their final years of school may need some extra assistance. Choosing subject areas that will influence potential vocations can be overwhelming without the proper help. Due to the increased complexity of ‘A’ Levels, your student could benefit greatly from in-home and online tutoring from Tutor Doctor. At Tutor Doctor, we don’t just give students little tips and tricks to temporarily boost their marks. Instead, we provide customised tutoring programmes that give our students the foundational study skills and necessary tools for future academic success.

We know what’s in store for A Levels - now let’s get you prepared.

Now that we know what’s in store for your student can get prepared. Tutor Doctor can support your student through this final hurdle.

Whatever method your school or college chooses to assess grades, Tutor Doctor’s personalised tutoring programmes will give your student the support they need to get ready for what’s ahead, while giving you peace of mind. We will support your student with:

  • Revisiting subject content
  • Getting back on top of studies
  • Revision skills and plans
  • Help with exam technique
  • Rebuilding confidence

You and your student don’t have to go at this alone - Tutor Doctor can help. Call us on 0800 011 9729 today to learn more!

Since our founding, we have helped over 200,000 students around the world. The secret to our success is our time-tested method. We first assess your student’s capabilities and match him or her with a local tutor that fits their needs, levels, subject, and even personality. Then, we provide one-to-one attention from the comfort and familiarity of the student’s own home or online. We move through the programme at the student’s pace, focusing on filling in gaps in the student’s knowledge.

One-to-One, Customised Tutoring

Instead of having students come to us, we go to them. We’ve found this approach to be extremely useful in getting students to open up and ask questions and pursue a deeper understanding of the material without any interference or pressure from their peers. Additionally, the local tutors with Tutor Doctor know how to work with a student’s strengths and weaknesses to create a custom learning programme that truly advances their academic success. In 15 years, we work with over 17,000 qualified tutors in over 15 countries. As a result of our convenient approach and commitment to quality, 95% of our customers say that they would recommend us to others.

For more information about our ‘A’ Levels programmes, call us today at 0800 011 9729!

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  • Tutor Doctor I was very impressed that you went out of your way to help meet our request at short notice.
  • Tutor Doctor She has been able to turn his distractions into teaching topics and thus managed to involve him a lot more than I thought possible.
  • Tutor Doctor For the first time in years he is actually reading books without pictures and his reading aloud is speeding up as he grows more confident.
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