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Spanish ranks in the top three of the most-spoken languages in the world. A firm grasp of Spanish can open doors to many other countries and job opportunities around the globe. At Tutor Doctor, we aim to help language learners improve their skills in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Many language learners are hesitant to put their knowledge of a language into practice – it can be embarrassing to learn a language for the first time. However, practicing a new language is what will ultimately lead to fluency. Our home tutors are matched with students in order to provide an optimal learning experience.

For professional, in-home Spanish tutoring, don’t hesitate to call 0800 011 9729. We offer free home consultations!

Professional Spanish Tutoring Services

A tutor is an excellent solution for a student who is struggling with Spanish. Not only does it provide the student with the one to one attention that he or she may need, it also ensures accountability.

We can help our students with the following:

  • Speaking the language
  • Understanding the spoken language
  • Reading the language
  • Writing the language
  • General Spanish homework help

A student in a classroom may be hesitant to speak up or contribute in front of his or her peers. At home, this intimidating environment is removed so that your student can contribute freely.

At Tutor Doctor, we offer the following:

  • One to one tutoring services
  • Convenient, at-home tutoring
  • Tutor / Parent / Teacher support system
  • Customised learning programmes
  • Tutor / Student matching

Everything we do is aimed at giving our students the foundational study and organisational skills they need to succeed in future academic pursuits. We connect students with tutors who can improve their marks, while giving them the confidence they need for continued success.

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