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During the 2018-2019 academic year, The NRICH Project was launched in partnership with the University of Cambridge and Trinity College to help strengthen the mathematical experiences of all students. The project was implemented in various Peterborough schools, and research showed an urgent need to address math transition issues.

While this may seem like a significant undertaking, the truth is our community is attempting to combat the overarching concerns in our education system regarding maths and its instruction. Fortunately, Tutor Doctor Peterborough Huntingdon Stamford is proud to be located in an area that takes mathematics seriously. We want to support this endeavour by offering private maths tutoring services for Peterborough students.

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Exceptional Math Tuition to Carry You Through School and Beyond

The highly-rated maths tutors we work with in Peterborough are seasoned educators and scholars passionate about helping students understand and enjoy mathematics. Our team of maths tutors are committed to tailoring the maths curriculum to suit your child’s needs and help close any knowledge gaps.

Experienced Maths Tutors Near You

Whether you or your child need maths exam tutoring or general maths concepts, we can help. Our team of skilled tutoring professionals have an aptitude for maths pedagogy and are experienced in various concepts.

These concepts include:

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Functions
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Analysis
  • Primary Maths

The subjects above are available to students of all ages; including children in primary and secondary school, students in university, and adult learners hoping to brush up on maths skills.

Regardless of your specific situation or background, Tutor Doctor Peterborough Huntingdon Stamford can customise a maths tutoring programme specific to you or your child to develop confidence in and outside the classroom.

The best part about our private tutoring services is one-on-one sessions can be conducted in-home or online for your convenience. We will never require you to meet us at a third-party facility. You can get professional maths tutoring in the comfort of home so that your child can thrive.

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A Vital Step Toward Exceptional Maths Assistance

Before your student can begin reaping the benefits of our maths tutoring service in Peterborough, we recommend a complimentary consultation so that we can learn as much about the situation as possible. During this initial meeting, we absorb the information provided and use it to personalise your experience with us.

Custom, Personalised Math Tutoring Plans in Peterborough

This vital step also helps us:

  • Discover more about how your child learns best so that we can choose a tutor that fits
  • Select a tutor that matches their personality and learning style
  • Reduce the chances of student-tutor mismatch
  • Understand how best to structure your child’s one-on-one private tutoring sessions
  • Determine if you prefer online or in-home tutoring instruction

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