A-Level Maths Tutors

Exceptional Maths Tuition for Your Student

In 2014, The Guardian published an eye-opening op-ed piece detailing the problems with maths tuition in UK schools. The writer concluded that the issue schoolchildren have with maths is that it’s not taught practically. Fortunately, Tutor Doctor – UK understands the importance of experts trained and certified in pragmatic A-level maths tuition.

We work with qualified and dedicated maths tutors ready to support your child with a variety of pure mathematics subjects, including:

  • Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry

To get in touch with a private tutor today, call 0800 011 9729 and find out why students around the world prefer our A-level maths tuition programme.

What Is A-Level Maths Tuition?

Advanced level or A-Level mathematics is a 2-year course designed to prepare students for maths-based degrees at university. Our priority is supporting students post-GCSE maths and helping them improve their marks in subjects such as mechanics and statistics. The A-level maths tutors we work with are experienced mathematicians and educators dedicated to seeing your student succeed in A-levels and pure maths courses.

How Do I Find an A-Level Maths Tutor?

Tutor Doctor – UK has a process designed to help you find the right tutor for your student’s specific needs. The private A-level tutors that support your child are selected based on their qualifications and how well they fit your student’s personality and learning style. We never cut corners when it comes to choosing a private in-home maths tutor because we know the value of a genuine student-tutor relationship.

During the selection process, we:

  • Assess your child’s immediate maths challenges
  • Search a comprehensive pool of qualified maths tutors
  • Monitor your student’s progress to gauge the private tutor’s teaching style

We aim to build confidence and provide students with better study skills so that they can pursue and thrive in mathematics studies and careers.

Call 0800 011 9729 for more information about our maths tuition programme or find your nearest Tutor Doctor location to get started.