About Tutor Doctor of Taunton Frome North Yeovil

Expert Tutoring in Person and Online

The public school system has a very standardized approach to teaching. The course work is designed to be understood by most students. So, what about the rest? That’s where we come in. It’s not your child’s fault if he or she is struggling academically. They just learn differently. At Tutor Doctor Taunton Frome North Yeovil, we take the time to discover how your child learns so that we can tutor them in the most effective method possible.

The tutors we work with have experience providing in-person and online instruction to students of all ages. Whether yours is a young child learning to read or a teenager preparing for an exam, Tutor Doctor Taunton Frome North Yeovil is qualified to provide expert guidance.

As a global franchise, Tutor Doctor has help more than 200,000 people overcome hurdles in their education. We succeed because we create tailored lesson plans that complement your student’s course work. But we do more than help your child grasp the subject matter. We also help instill lifelong learning habits, from time management and organisation to task initiation and follow-through. These valuable lessons will ensure their success both in and out of the classroom.

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