About Our Thame Tutoring Program

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Tutor Doctor Thame is committed to eliminating the knowledge gap present in most standardised classrooms. Our program has assisted over 200,000 families, helping students to both succeed academically and learn to love learning! Today, we can proudly say we have worked with over 28,000 tutors in 15 countries.

In modern education, the core curriculum at most schools isn’t designed to account for different learning styles. Meanwhile, in overcrowded classrooms where teachers are not able to provide enough support for every individual pupil, it’s increasingly easy for some students to fall behind. That’s why the Thame tutors employed by Tutor Doctor provide one to one sessions focused on reinforcing your child’s education right from the comfort of your own home.

At Tutor Doctor, We Use a Tested 4-Point Process:

  1. Assess: Before the official tutoring itself begins, we diligently assess every student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style to determine what approach will benefit them the most. We also discuss their educational goals, so everyone is on the same page about what they want to get out of our services.
  2. Match: After assessing your child’s needs, we will match them with a tutor who complements their personality, academic interests, and learning style. Our goal is to foster close tutor-student connections, creating a foundation for education built on respect and trust.
  3. Tutor: The tutors we work with create customised lesson plans which incorporate your child’s current curriculum into pedagogy tailored to their needs. This allows them to learn in a way that is both fun and stimulating while also applying the knowledge they obtain in their studies.
  4. Support: By providing parents with weekly progress reports, we make sure to keep them involved, supporting the whole family throughout the student’s academic journey.

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