Executive Function Tutoring

More than Knowledge. A Game Plan for Academic Discipline.

Does your child stay up late the night before their homework is due? Do they lose focus easily or forget when a project is due? These are all executive functions that could be holding them back in their academics.

Every successful individual knows that in order to succeed, certain foundational skills must be in place. On its own, knowledge is a good thing. But, when combined with discipline, knowledge is a powerful thing. At Tutor Doctor, we don’t sit down and merely cram your students’ heads with facts and figures and rote memorisation techniques – we teach students how to learn, how to study, and how to master academic discipline. The skills they develop now will best help them prepare for the future.

The Solution? Our Executive Functioning Tutoring Program!

At Tutor Doctor, we understand that there are two components to academic success: academic knowledge and academic discipline. Since every student is unique, we customize our approach to help your child develop the expertise and skills they need to unlock academic excellence and future success in life.

That’s why we integrate a unique plan for success into every enrollment and coach students through the process. This allows an opportunity for students to develop the required executive skills or “X-Skills” that studies show are essential to every student’s academic success, especially in middle school and beyond.

We are here to help your child develop the expertise and skills they need to unlock academic excellence through our executive functioning tutoring.

X-Skills are vital for your child’s educational progress and every aspect of life—from getting a job to being successful in their favorite hobbies. We understand the frustrations that come with trying to learn a challenging subject without the right tools. That is why we work with students to build the necessary skills for them to excel while reinforcing the curriculum they learn in the classroom.

Building X-Skills in Students of All Ages

Over the last 15 years, Tutor Doctor has helped more than 200,000 people succeed in their academic pursuits. A major component of this success is tied to the support we provide with our X-Skills Program. The program is particularly important for middle and high school students who often undermine their own academic success simply because of X-Skills deficits.

Our X-skills program includes developing the following executive functioning skills:

  • Organization: Arrange and structure thoughts, belongings, tasks, and assignments.
  • Planning: Thinking about the future and anticipating how to carry out a task or reach a goal.
  • Time Management: Estimating how long tasks will take, using time wisely, and meeting deadlines.
  • Prioritization: Make decisions about what is important to focus on and the best order of task completion.
  • Goal setting: Creating and fulfilling an action plan to drive behavior and achieve a desired result.

All of these X-Skills are incorporated in our unique program, which is designed to help each student become an academic champion! From mathematics to test prep, your child can tackle any educational hurdle when they master these X-Skills with the help of the tutors we work with.

What to Expect in an X-Skills Game Plan

Middle school students and above integrate the X-Skills Game Plan under the guidance of their tutor, who acts as an academic coach to explain concepts, as well as motivate the student, and challenge them to exceed their own expectations.

The Game Plan is a tool which provides a straightforward, yet powerful process to proactively organize the student’s academic and extracurricular commitments, prioritize their tasks, and develop a plan of execution which leads to overall success without compromising the quality of their life. Once implemented, using the Game Plan leads to the most efficient tutoring sessions in the industry and guides the student to develop the X-Skills that will contribute to their overall success in school and in life.