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At Tutor Doctor, we firmly believe that anyone can learn math. And we mean anyone! Our private, in-home tutors work closely with learners of all ages and backgrounds to prep for exams and help them grasp the complex rules of algebra.

If your student’s grades are slipping, turn to us for custom, one-on-one instruction. Our tutors are engaging, helping your child not only comprehend the material but even enjoy it! And because we understand that every student learns differently, we adjust our teaching style to accommodate them. We’ll select the tutor we believe is best suited to help your middle schooler, high schooler or college student. At the end of our instruction, you child will feel more confident, able to solve difficult algebra problems on their own, and more comfortable in their learning environment.

An online algebra tutor can be a convenient way to help your kid succeed. Call 0800 011 9729 or find a location near you.

Our expert algebra tutors can help you student understand:

  • Formulas
  • Equations
  • Word problems
  • Graphing

And more!

Whether your child is studying for their SATs or simply need to improve academic performance, our personalized approach to tutoring will give your student the specific instruction needed to ace that exam.

Expert Tutoring to Help Students Achieve Success

Tutor Doctor provides expert tutoring in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II and College Algebra to help students succeed. Our experienced instructors will guide students through the fundamentals of Pre-Algebra including order of operations, variables, exponents, factoring and equation solving. In Algebra I we cover functions, systems of equations, polynomials and many other key principles. We also go into linear equations and inequalities plus quadratic equations and radical expressions before progressing onto more advanced topics like probability in Algebra II.

Our College Algebra courses review common topics from both lower level algebra courses at a much faster pace while introducing new subjects such as matrix algebra or series. With Tutor Doctor you’ll be sure to get the confidence needed to tackle any future mathematical challenge!

How can a tutor help you master Algebra?

Our qualified tutors offer a unique opportunity for students to learn alongside an expert in the subject. Through this focused and individualized environment, students can gain valuable knowledge of algebra that will contribute to their success in school. No more fruitless searches; our team at Tutor Doctor is ready to connect you with a private tutor who can give your student plenty of insight into the world of algebra. Keep reading to find out how we can better equip your child’s learning through tailored algebra tutoring sessions.

Algebra Tutors Near You and Ready To Help

We not only want them to succeed in school but also in life. Before they solve for Y, we’ll get them to understand the why of algebra. That’s because whatever career they pursue, chances are likely they’ll need to know algebra to succeed. A variety of professions rely on this mathematical practice as part of their day-to-day jobs, from architects and air traffic controllers to dieticians and electricians. No one understands this better than our tutors who have diverse backgrounds in education, science and engineering and other careers that made them algebra experts.

We’ve helped more than 200,000 people so far and we’re confident our expert instruction will help your child thrive in math. When you need someone to help fill in the knowledge gaps, turn to Tutor Doctor!