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  • Good and efficient service, tailored to the needs of the individual

    Zeliha G.
  • You carried out what you said you would do and the tutor was the outstanding person we asked for.

    Michaela R.
  • High quality, friendly, reliable tutors

    Susan Z.
  • I like the way that Tutor Docyor found a tutor that was ideally suited to my daughter's needs. The tutor that was assigned to my daughter gained her trust and developed her confidence. We are now looking forward to this summer's exams exams with great expectations rather than reservations. Thank you Tutor Doctor

    Julie T.
  • Very reliable and pleasant with both my daughter and myself

    Ann D.
  • Find the right kind of tutor

    Mari R.
  • The effort that goes in to matching the tutor and child

    Alison W.
  • Communication is very important and i haven't ever felt like just another customer, the service is very personal.

    Rebecca O.
  • You invested time to get to know my child and match her needs / personality to a tutor.

    Rachel H.
  • The Personal involvement and the complete understanding of the child being supported which then leads to providing the best teacher for the needs of the child.

    Brian L.
  • Very helpful and quick at finding a tutor suitable for m child's needs

    Madeleine D.
  • The variety of tutors that are available. Tutor always prompt, keeps us up to date with how many sessions left and gives advice on when things are required to be submitted for.

    Helen C.
  • Very personal and accurate match found.

    Rebecca J.
  • I like the fact that I am kept fully informed about lesson content and how my son is progressing.

    Mark S.
  • The tutor is lovely, she knows her stuff and my son really enjoys the sessions he has with her. A very professional service.

    Giselle O.
  • Very official straight forward

    Kishor M.
  • The fact that a tutor has been matched so well to the personality of my daughter so that she learns so much more effectively

    Claire H.
  • Professional and timely service, took time to understand our needs and meet our requirements

    Sarah M.
  • Professional and constantly checking-in on status / progress.

    Mario V.
  • Haveing tution at home for my child has resolved all my problems.Teaching technique is excelent and has started to develop confidence in within herself.

    Helen P.
  • The assessment carried out and also tailored suit tutor to met my child's needs which is brilliant. Your service is wonderful and thank you for your provision as my child has SEN and good to know you have wonderful team and the tutor recommended is really good.

    Marylene I.
  • Good tutors tailored well for my daughter needs

    Daksha S.
  • That you could cover holidays as well as term time.

    Andrew F.
  • Personal, informative , sympathetic and regular feedbacks.

    Simi B.
  • The appraisal stage of our son to ensure a good match for a tutor. The process is much more preferential than simply finding a tutor on the internet who has no proven track record.

    Jo B.
  • Friendly, helpful and have the child's best interest at heart.

    Emma G.
  • Tailor made to the child

    Victoria G.
  • Gordon is a good listener and provided a quick response to find the right tutor for our daughter Amber.

    Mark E.
  • Great communication and quality of tutors

    Pritam V.
  • Everything!!!

    Rajina P.
  • i love the tutor coming to our home and that the children feel comfortable and happy to work with them in their own environment.

    Leanda M.
  • Reliable , honest, easy to communicate and organise - supportive with the tutoring required

    Jane M.
  • Tailor made!

    Caroline D.
  • The in depth analysis of our needs and the time you take to make sure you find a tutor who is exactly right for the particular student

    Samrah J.
  • The fact it is at the house, there is a personal arrangement with the tutor and can be flexible on both sides

    Ruth G.
  • Quick and efficent, but very personal. That is how I would describe the service.

    Thomas D.
  • Friendly, informed service from people who genuinely seem to care about about what they do.

    Catherine A.
  • Finding the right tutor for my daughter was essential. I spoke at length with Gordon on two seperate occassions regarding my daughters's requirements; within a matter of days Gordon had found a tutor who my daughter respects and gets on great with, more importantly she looks forward to the weekly sessions. After a few weeks I could see a significant change in both my daughters understanding of the ...

    Michelle F.
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  • The dedication taken to ensure that the needs of the child is met and the right tutor is placed with the child. Regular updates on the child's progress is provided and the style of teaching is tailored to the childs needs

    Joy A.
  • Reliable & made sure we had a tutor that was appropriate to my sons needs.

    Melina D.
  • prompt and responds to child's needs. Has helped to increase my sons confidence.

    Helen W.
  • You are approachable, understnading to the individual needs of the child being tutored. I have and will again recommend tutor doctor to anyone looking to support their children through exam techniques. Thank you

    Lorraine K.
  • That you are well organised and so far it's looks like the tutors know what the children are lacking

    Sarah A.
  • flexible, good tutor

    Alice C.
  • clear effective and efficent

    Rosie G.
  • Time taken to find the right tutor for student. Friendly and personal. Communication very good.

    Maria M.
  • I liked your very prompt response to my initial request for help, we only had a window of 6 weeks before my son started his GCSE's. The tutor was very well suited to my sons personality and the amount of work done, in our limited time scale has been fabulous. He has raised my sons confidence up, which was half the battle. As well as offering advise on how best to tackle questions and exam ...

    Anita O.
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  • Polite, punctual, very knowledgable tutor, who has been consistently reliable. My daughter has found the tutoring sessions really useful.

    Elizabeth H.
  • They are tailored to the individual child

    Lorna G.
  • Very professional and efficient service.

    Tracy H.
  • The initial briefing session was handled in a way which engaged with my son directly, as well as including our (parents) input this I thought was very well done. The process for enrolling was smooth, and easy to use.

    Philina T.
  • Ease of finding a suitable tutor.

    Sally E.
  • Highly commended and flexible tutors

    Victor A.
  • The initial assessment session so that the right tutor was matched to my son's needs. Also, the flexibility in being able to change tutors if the tutor isn't the right person for my son.

    Nicola C.
  • Extremely good match of tutor to pupil.

    Michael R.
  • The recommended tutor is fabulous and works very well with our daughter.

    Karen S.
  • Great tutors. Efficiently run. Would recommend highly.

    Frannie V.
  • I have been delighted and truly satisfied with the service...vic.

    Vic M.
  • My daughter makiIng Good progress in maths,she is more confident in what she doing with the tutor.

    Kalpana H.
  • The tutor works well with my son.

    Sue D.
  • Ensuring the right tutor is found for the child.

    Kim O.
  • Quick appointment/assessment - matching with tutor and child (good match in my child case), times to suit

    Monique H.
  • Professional and very impressed with the speed in finding a suitable tutor for my son.

    Richard W.
  • Access to great tutors (secondary)

    Jane B.
  • We liked the fact that Gordon came to visit us to ascertain our needs properly and that he had met all of his tutors. We found that he was willing to be flexible about our programme and to talk to our son in a way that helped him to feel ownership of the process.

    Elizabeth F.
  • If there is a problem, Gordon is approachable and gives you the safe feeling any issue can be resolved.

    Anthony N.
  • The initial interview with myself and my daughter was very thorough and filled me with confidence. The tutor chosen has so far proven to be a perfect match for my daughter both in terms of the subject matter and also on a personal level.

    Natalie A.
  • It is exactly what I asked for

    Jen P.
  • Very professional staff and my sons tutor is very patient.

    Sharon P.
  • Gordon spent time with Lilly to understand her personality and needs.

    Danielle H.
  • The interest in my child as an individual. Friendly service

    Donna G.
  • House call; found tutor

    Peter M.
  • Can be tailored to children's schedule

    Corrienne A.
  • I would like to thank you for finding a really good English tutor (Suzanna Innocenti) last year. My son received B from his English GCSE both literature and language, which is is very pleasing.

    Happy Customer
  • Friendly reliable and really good with my son!

    Amanda K.
  • Great tutors. Very professional. Great result.

    Katja I.
  • It is a very efficient service with open dialogue very important particularly between parent and Tutor.

    Moira T.
  • I like the 1-2-1 tutoring and the relationship our tutor developed with my son. She came to our house at a time that was mutually convenient, and she and my son were able to achieve a lot in a short space of time. The impact of the work they did together is very evident in the feedback he has got from his teachers. The fact that our tutor was young was a big help, too. Just a couple of years out ...

    Lori W.
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  • Tutor Doctor takes the hassle out of finding a suitable tutor. I like the fact that they initially come to the house to discuss the needs of the child prior to pairing child with tutor.

    Lyn S.
  • The Tutors are very professional, very prompt with any queries. On the whole the service it top class.

    Ronelle R.
  • Sacha is an excellent teacher. She explains well and listens well. My Daughter enjoys the lesson and her work is already much improved. Early days for Mikael but he seems organised and a good teacher.

    Bev M.
  • Personal service is great!

    Christine E.
  • Organised with good prior planning - strong communication and efficient systems

    Tracey M.
  • We have had a few tutors over the years and the Tutor Doctor tutor is head and shoulders over the others.

    Tessa E.
  • I initially enlisted the help of Tutor doctor to help my son with 11+ prep. I have found the inital consultaion very helpful, personable and Gordon totally understood our needs. Our tutor has been absolutley brilliant with our son, he has learnt and absorbed so much and more importantly has enjoyed the tuition sessions. They have increased his confidence and speed during a test environment. I ...

    Keerti D.
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  • Our tutor is exactly what our daughter needed, the best investment ever. Our tutor know exactly how to support us all.

    Zoe G.
  • The set up of the tutor coming to our home works really well for us as a family. Keighley has developed a good relationship with John and pinpointed where his strengths and weaknesses are. I think thus would be more difficult in a large group situation.

    Carol A.
  • The tutoring that my son Joseph received was exceptional. The tutor [Vik] quickly built a great working relationship with Joseph. His knowledge of and passion for his subject was contagious and the sensitive and supportive way in which he explained concepts and encouraged Joseph was highly effective. Both Joseph and I are confident that what he has learned from Vik has made a significant ...

    Susan C.
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  • Tutor doctor have helped or daughter gain the confidence in her studies once again, after our initial meeting with Mr Dickens we were confident that we had made the right choice to contact tutor doctor, Andrew, our daughter's tutor is specifically suited to her needs. We would be very happy to recommend Tutor Doctor. Mr & Mrs Mehta

    Sukh M.
  • The service is truly focused on the students individual needs. Tutors are matched up carefully with the student and we felt involved with the process from the start. Tutor reports were personal,informative and often with me by the day after the session.All queries were responded to quickly and help and advice was always at hand. I would certainly recommend tutor|doctor!

    Marion T.
  • Well prepared tutors, who can identify problems promptly and work very efficiently to help the needs of students. Highly recommended.

    Atif R.
  • We are new to the tuition process and Gordon has been very reliable and informative every step of the way. We are looking forward to seeing a positive result from our daughter.

    Ashley B.
  • Our son felt comfortable of you and was looking forward to his challenges. He is confident now than ever since he met you. The tutor you provided was the best Taylor tutor, who my son pays more attention and comfortable with the tuition. I will recommend tutor doctor to any one who faces challenges like my son.

    Vida D.
  • It is a very personal, tailored approach to individual learning, Tutor Doctor has done an excellent job to match subject tutors with my Son's needs. The whole process has been very positive, my son is now more engaged with his A level studies and we look forward to his achieving a very good set of results.

    Les W.
  • This service has been exactly what they say they do... They match the tutor according to the needs of the student, Reliable, professional & very friendly, I will definitely recommend them to everyone.

    Iphi P.
  • I appreciated the overall efficiency, organization, trustworthiness, and the ability of the professional tutors. The manager, Gordon, is a professional and can be relied on, to provide you with excellent tutors for your work. Matthew Hutchinson is a very polite young man, and I was pleased to have him as my tutor. Matthew knows his job and is excellent in supporting you with your work, I have ...

    Amie N.
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  • Speed with which you respond. I like the fact that you listen and then act upon it in identifitying suitable tutors. We came to you with a goal and with your assistance our son has more than achieved this. Keep up the good work!

    Varsha R.
  • Very proffesional and efficient. tutors are clued up and well prepared for each lesson.

    Cheneen W.