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Trusted In-Home Tutors

At Tutor Doctor, our private tutors understand the importance of your child’s education.

They should have every advantage to stay competitive in today’s academic arena. Our in-home tutoring service evaluates every student closely to identify their needs and to track their progress. We understand that no two students are the same. Everyone learns with different styles and at their own pace. That is why we offer specialized tutoring to address all our clients’ needs.

At Tutor Doctor, we have a distinct process with which we help your child to ensure success.

We assess our students’ needs during a free consultation. Then we match them with a compatible tutor. From there, the tutor tailors a program to maximize your child’s improvement. We support your child and update you on their progress.

Call us today to book in a free consultation and begin your journey to success.

House Calls For Learning

Through the Tutor Doctor Process we are able to get to know your student
to identify the right learning strategy and the perfect tutor.

  • Assess

    Through our free consultation process we take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to create a programme that is right for your child.

  • Match

    Our advanced matching system finds a qualified tutor who suits your child’s personality and academic needs.

  • Tutor

    Our personalised coaching means the curriculum revolves around your child. We provide professional tuition and fill in the gaps to create confident, independent learners.

  • Support

    We support your family every step of the way by checking in and providing regular session reports.

  • Tutor Doctor I love that the tutor knows how to get the best out of my son and motivates him that he just wants more.
  • Tutor Doctor I don't hesitate to recommend Tutor Doctor services as they do listen to your requirements and match your child to the tutor.
  • Tutor Doctor I cannot thank you enough for helping me prepare such a strong paper for my 2nd year Fashion and Design retake. Amazing from 32 out of 100 to 100 out of 100.
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Thinking Caps Can Be Tailored

Tutor Doctor provides tutoring services to students of all ages, levels and subjects. We come to your home,
at a convenient time for you to help you or your child to fill in the gaps in his or her knowledge base.

  • Working with Schools.

    We are experienced, flexible and trusted tuition partners for schools.

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  • Safe Guard Your Child

    We understand that a child’s safety and security should come first. Our Safe Guarding Policy ensures we deliver the service that our customers expect and the reassurance they need.

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Trusted In-Home Tutors