7 Handmade Fathers Day Gift Ideas

It’s Fathers Day on Sunday 21st June, which means it’s time for your kids to get crafty and creative.
Handmade gifts are a great way to add a personal touch and are often appreciated
a lot more than when you spend lots of money. Here at Tutor Doctor we
have come up with 7 handmade gift ideas that are sure to make lots of
Dads happy this Fathers Day.

1. Handmade cards

Handmade cards are a really easy way to add a personal touch to Fathers
Day. All you need is some card, coloured felt tips and an hour or so to
let your children embrace their artistic side. It’s important to
try and let them have free reign with this and allow them to write or
draw what they want. This will make the card a lot more special and sentimental.

2. A jar filled with his favourite things

If you’re really stuck for ideas filling a large Mason jar with
all of Dad’s favourite things is a thoughtful and fun idea. It doesn’t
have to be expensive either. Fill it with things like his favourite chocolates,
sweets, biscuits, nuts or even tea. Let the kids add a personal touch
by decorating the jar with some colourful sharpies or permanent markers.

3. Bake him something special

Baking is always fun and a yummy gift too. Cookies and cupcakes are bound
to be Fathers Day favourites. For an extra special touch you could even
get the kids to personalise them with icing and decorations. We bet he
will enjoy them even more knowing that the children helped make them.

4. Personalised mug

Dads seem to always have either a cup of coffee or tea in their hand,
so why not get the children to personalise a mug for him. All you need
is a plain white ceramic mug, some paint pens and stickers, which can
be used as stencils. Spell out a message with the stickers and get the
kids to colour around them. Peel off the stickers for a neat outline and
a fabulous gift.

5. Bookmark

For all those Dads that love to read a simple gift idea is a handmade
bookmark. Cut a quirky shape out of some card and get the children to
write a message to their Dad or draw him a picture. Having something personal
like this will be loved so much more than anything money can buy.

6. Salt Dough Print

Making a salt dough print is a great handmade gift idea, especially for
younger children. The ingredients are simple:

1 cup Salt

1 cup Flour

1/2 cup water

Simply mix the ingredients together until the consistency is like play
dough. Next you need to shape it. Choose from big or small, heart or circle
or even just let the children be creative. Finally, carve a message using
the end of a fork or get the kids to press in their footprints or handprints. Bake at
100 C for
3 hours. Once it’s cooled it can be painted.

7. Write a letter or a poem

Children should always be encouraged to write letters and poems, even
when they’re not at school. So why not give it a try this Fathers
Day and make it really special. Choose from topics such as their favourite
things about Dad, the best day they’ve spent together or even just
how much they love him. You could even get the kids to perform it to him
or make a video, then send it as a surprise.