Educational podcasts for kids

Educational podcasts for kids

Podcasts, even though a fairly new phenomenon, are certainly something to embrace when it comes to learning. Not only are there hundreds of specially produced podcasts for kids and teaching out there to choose from, they’re free to listen to and an excellent learning tool in the classroom or at home. They can be used to deliver a certain subject, explain topics in a new way, or just provide an alternative teaching method. As they continue to grow in popularity, we thought we would choose our favourite educational podcasts so you can share them with your students!

What is a podcast and how can I listen?

A podcast is very similar to a radio show. Each channel has episodes, which are all usually in audio-only format. Lengths of episodes really vary and can be as short as two minutes or as long as an hour. Normally, each podcast channel will have a rough schedule and produce a certain number of episodes per week. Again, this can range from daily to monthly.

Podcasts can be accessed and listened to via a smart phone or tablet using a podcast app or directly through a desktop or laptop computer. Normally listeners will subscribe to their favourite podcasts, meaning any new episodes will directly show up on the app. For more detailed information on listening to podcasts check out this handy article.

To make it easy for you, we’ve picked out our favourite educational podcasts suitable for kids to listen to at home or in the classroom.  

1.Good for Reading/Book reviews: Book club for kids

Age: 9-14 (but can be appropriate for most ages)

Overview: Each episode of this podcast follows a different group of kids who spend time discussing a young-adult book in detail. Most episodes also feature a celebrity reader and a brief interview with the book’s author. This is a perfect podcast for kids who are really into reading and need some new reading recommendations, or for those who need a little encouragement to read more regularly.

Give this episode a try: Episode 41 - Foxheart by Claire Legrand

2. Good for Science: Tumble

Age: 6-12 (but can be appropriate for most ages)

Overview: Tumble is a science podcast that shares stories behind science discovery, exploring how science works as a process. Covering a wide range of interesting topics from dinosaurs, the quest for the edge of the universe, the deepest part of the ocean and everlasting batteries, it really will appeal to kids and be a great and educational listen.

Give this episode a try: The Call of the Antarctic Dinosaur with Julia Clarke

3. Good for Ethics: Short and Curly

Age: 7-12 (but can be appropriate for most ages)

Overview: This ethics podcast all the way from Australia investigates relevant dilemmas for kids such as; is it okay to lie, and is it okay to fight back against a bully? It’s a really informative podcast, that’s relatable and a perfect addition to a lesson covering general wellbeing or ethics.  

Give this episode a try: Why can’t children vote?

4. Good for History: How Stuff Works: Stuff you missed in history class

Age: 7-16

Overview: This bi-weekly podcast explores a huge range of fascinating historical world events, perfect for kids (and adults) who have a passion for history. Each episode is short, interesting and packed full of fun information, perfect to add to the end of a history lesson! Covering a huge variety of areas such as Marie Antoinette, slavery and even the history of Halloween! A quirky series bound to be enjoyed by students and teachers!

Give this episode a try: The Unsinkable Violet Jessop

4. Good for Maths: The Math Dude

Age: Any

Overview:  The Math Dude podcast is ideal for kids or teens struggling to understand maths. Host Dr. Jason Marshall provides clear and easy to understand explanations of maths terminology, principles and even gives simple tips for solving basic algebra. We guarantee this podcast is going to strengthen your student’s basic skills and help them understand the language of maths!  

Give this episode a try: How to think about division, Part 1

5. Good for Teens: 411 Teen

Age: Teenagers

Overview:  This podcast hosted by Dr. Liz Holifield is a fantastic recommendation for teen audiences. Each episode features in-depth discussions on areas such as resume writing, smartphones, gender issues and violence. An excellent channel, full of helpful and useful content that’s sure to engage even the most distracted teen!

Give this episode a try: 411 Teen: Total Package Girl

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