The benefits of children attending a summer camp

The summer holidays are fast approaching, meaning you may be starting to consider enrolling your child in summer camp for the long break. As summer schools are a relatively new phenomena in the UK, it’s completely normal for parents to feel a little unsure of what to do. Here at Tutor Doctor, we know how summer camps can help build your child’s social skills as well as allow them to grow culturally and academically. It really is a fantastic way for your kids to spend the holidays — we’ve explained just a few of the benefits below.

Gets your kids moving!

Summer schools often have an excellent activity schedule promoting outdoor learning and physical activities. This will encourage your child to get outside during the holidays rather than lounging around inside watching TV or scrolling on their phones. Even better, many of these activities will encourage teamwork and communication skills, which are going to help build your kids confidence levels!

Building confidence

During summer camp, you can expect your child’s confidence levels to grow through the roof! They will be constantly tackling new activities, acquiring skills or dealing with tricky or scary situations — all of which are excellent ways for them to grow and learn. Kids also don’t get opportunities to develop these skills during regular school, which is just one of the many benefits of attending summer camp.

Gaining independence

Heading to summer school is going to help your child gain independence. They will have the freedom to make decisions, plan their own time and be completely themselves!

Learn social skills

Attending summer camp means that your kids can engage with other children that are from different schools, area and backgrounds. This is a fantastic way for them to make new friends and build up their social skills. Many of the activities and games will also reinforce the importance of working as a team and will help your child build bonds with others. Being outside of their comfort zone and not knowing everyone will also be excellent practice for future situations such as entering a new school or for when they start university.

Explore talents

Many of the activities at summer camp aren’t going to be something that your child has taken part in before. This can include things such as portrait painting, archery, craft projects or something as obscure as putting up a tent. No matter the task in hand, just being able to take part in such a wide variety of activities will help your kids discover talents and interests they didn’t know they had!

Developing Academic Skills

Perhaps the biggest benefit of your child attending a summer school is the opportunities that exist to develop and grow academically. Summer camps often teach in a less traditional way than regular schools and specifically encourage kids to get directly involved in the learning process, resulting in a much deeper understanding. Not feeling like they’re in a classroom will also mean kids are much more likely to pay attention and get involved with learning — the dream of every parent and teacher! Summer programs will often cover areas that aren’t taught at school, such as presentation skills, public speaking and focusing on building leadership skills socially and academically. Trust us, summer camp is going to mean your child is fully prepared for for school once summer ends.

For more information on summer camps in your local area, check out this useful website or see if your local school is involved here.