8 Of The Best Educational Apps For Teens

8 Of The Best Educational Apps For Teens

Technology has become a huge part of everyday life – especially for teenagers. With so many wonderful educational apps out there, it’s a great idea to encourage your teens to make the most out of their technology usage and add some learning into their screen time. Doing this is an easy way to keep their brains alert and active during the summer holidays – and as most of the apps are interactive and fun, they might find them enjoyable too! Here’s 8 of the best education apps we found for teens to enjoy this summer.

  1. Khan Academy (Free)

The Khan Academy app has detailed material on maths, sciences, history, economics, computing and more. With over 150,000 interactive exercises and instant feedback on how your teens performance is going, it’s an extensive app with plenty to be getting on with!

  1. BBC Bitesize App (Free)

The BBC Bitesize revision app is wonderful for teens age 13+. It has plenty of key educational information broken down into easy to digest chunks as well as quizzes and specific revision material including flashcards for the new 9-1 GCSEs in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

  1. Duolingo (Free)

Duolingo is a fantastic app for teens already studying a specific language or maybe they want to start learning another. It will help them memorise new words and phrases in an instant and is super easy to follow. Choose from Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish or English.

  1. True Or False Chemistry (Free)

This fast-paced chemistry app is perfect in helping teens to learn the periodic table of elements. With a simple user interface, it’s a wonderful way to practice scientific skills in a quick-fire way. Your teens can try features such as verifying as many elements as they can in one minute and can even compete in leaderboards!

  1. Swift Playgrounds (Free- iPad Only)

Swift is Apple’s own programming language, and Swift Playgrounds is its app for teaching people how to use it. With lessons presented as coding puzzles, it’s a great way to introduce teens to the coding world and help them gain the skills they need to start making their own apps and games.

  1. EdPlus (Free)

With over 300 topics to choose, including Maths, English, Science, Verbal Reasoning, Geography and more, EdPlus has been designed to make learning easy and fun. There’s plenty of curated video lessons to help explain concepts and the app even allows teens to test their friends with video questions.

  1. King of Maths: Maths Learner (£3.99)

This newly released maths app challenges users in quickfire sums, increasing in difficulty if they keep answering correctly. It’s an excellent way for teens to keep on top of their mental maths skills and includes a progress and rewards system to keep it fun and challenging.

  1. Kahoot! (Free)

This fun-filled educational app consists of a huge collection of trivia quizzes ranging from biology to maths, making it ideal for testing your teens knowledge without them realising they’re learning at the same time. The app also gives them the opportunity to study for the topic beforehand with helpful flashcards and practice sections, making it ideal for quick revision. Even better if you want the whole family to join in, you can play the quizzes on the TV too.