The Role of AI in Personalised Education: Exploring the Potential of ChatGPT

One of the best ways to improve the tutoring experience is to include technology in the mix. From interactive quizzes to online revision plans, there are so many digital resources at your fingertips to explore with your students. And there’s a relatively new kid on the block that could improve your tutoring efforts even more: ChatGPT.

In this article, we’ll explore the role of artificial intelligence (AI), and more specifically ChatGPT, helping you to personalise the student experience and harness every bit of technology this tool has to offer.

But Isn’t Artificial Intelligence Here to Take Over Everything?

It’s natural to have a few butterflies in the stomach where artificial intelligence is concerned. You might be questioning, “What does it mean for me and my profession?” or “Will this take away the personal touch from my lessons?”. But here’s the silver lining: these tools aren’t competitors; they’re collaborators, ready to help you enhance your teaching skills and style. Let’s dive in and explore how ChatGPT can become a valuable asset in your tutoring toolkit.

Tailored Learning

Do you ever get stuck on how to explain a challenging concept to a visual learner? Perhaps you have a student who prefers a more hands-on approach. With ChatGPT, tutors can generate content that aligns seamlessly with a student’s learning style.

ChatGPT in Action: Helping Lucas to Master Geometry

Lucas, a year 9 student, struggles with traditional textbook geometry. Realising his strength as a visual learner, you consult ChatGPT for engaging visual resources and tools. ChatGPT comes back with a list of tailored recommendations, including interactive geometric software and curated visual content, such as illustrations, animated videos and mind maps. Lucas’ lessons are transformed as a result thanks to lessons being tailored to his strengths.

Efficient Student Profiling

As you assess and get to understand your students, ChatGPT can help you with creating comprehensive student profiles. Not only will these profiles assist in creating targeted lesson plans but they will also help you to easily keep track of student progress.

ChatGPT in Action: Alannah’s Reading Struggles

Alannah, a year 7 student, sometimes grapples with comprehension. To help her progress, you create a detailed student profile that pinpoints the areas she needs to focus on. You input her reading habits, learning style, and any test results you might have access to into ChatGPT. ChatGPT provides a breakdown of Alannah’s strengths, areas of improvement, and suggested tutoring strategies. This real-time assessment helps you to create personalised reading and comprehension assessments that ensure steady improvement.

Personalising Resources

Whether you’re seeking the perfect set of practice questions or creating a GCSE revision timetable, ChatGPT can reduce the time it takes to hunt down resources and show you ways to make learning manageable and memorable.

ChatGPT in Action: Mia’s Upcoming Exams

Mia, a year 11 student has a multitude of examples coming up in the next couple of months. She’s feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start when it comes to revision. You ask ChatGPT to create an optimal revision timetable taking into account her exam subjects and personal schedule. ChatGPT quickly generates the timetable, strategically allocating more time to subjects Mia is less confident about. It recommends short, effective revision sessions and even incorporates breaks.

Brainstorming Tricky Challenges

Let’s say you have a student with ADHD who is really struggling with algebra. They find it a challenge to focus on algebraic equations for long periods of time and have an algebra exam on the horizon. As their tutor, you want them to succeed but you’re not sure how best to approach the problem. Let’s see what ChatGPT thinks.

ChatGPT in Action: Making Algebra Manageable For Leo

Leo finds the abstract nature of algebra complicated and gets frustrated when presented with an algebraic problem. Extended study sessions leave him restless and even more confused. You know that shorter, more engaging bursts of study might be more suitable. You input information about Leo’s ADHD, his challenges with algebra, and the time left before the exams. ChatGPT produces a timetable that breaks revision into short, focused sessions and also suggests tangible aids like algebra tiles. Leo feels comfortable with the new timetable and more confident in his abilities.

Where Could AI Tools Take Your Tutoring Skills?

At Tutor Doctor, we champion personalised education all the way and the tools that can help tutors get the best results. Embracing tools like ChatGPT not only bolsters our promise of quality but also helps to ensure every student is treated as an individual.

Whether you’re already a tutor with us or thinking of becoming a tutor, it’s dedication like this that really sets us apart. Why not explore where ChatGPT and other AI tools could take you? We’d love to hear how you get on.