Why You Should Consider Tutor Doctor’s Online Tuition For This Summer

The summer break is almost here and for many parents the impact of school closures means the 6-week holidays is an ideal time for children to catch up on any lost learning or work to maintain their current grades. Not only is a private tuition programme a fantastic way for your child to gain academic success, it also helps improve their executive skills too. With social distancing measures for education still being worked out, having the option to learn online as well as offline with a private tutor provides flexible learning and gives parents peace of mind. Here’s some reasons why you should consider Tutor Doctor’s online tuition programme this summer and the benefits it offers.

A High-Quality Experience

Tutor Doctor’s online tutoring service delivers the same high-quality experience as our one-to-one tutors. Just like our in-person tutoring experience, students are matched directly with a tutor based on their needs or goals, and provided with a custom learning plan tailored to them. To make sure your child has the best possible online tutoring experience, we use software provider Bramble for our programmes. For more information regarding Bramble watch this video.

It’s Safe

With the Covid-19 pandemic being an extremely worrying time throughout most of 2020, it’s important for parents to know your child is learning in a safe and risk-free environment. Online tutoring reduces risk of being exposed to the virus, especially while safe social distancing measures for education are still being decided.

An Education Alternative

Online learning can be a great education supplement, especially during the summer holidays where academic gains can often be lost. Our mission is to guide students through their educational journey, helping them succeed in learning as well as in their daily life. Our tutors connect with their students through their tailored learning plan, while continuously providing guidance and valuable learning skills.

Online Sessions Are Recorded

All of our online tutoring sessions are recorded, meaning your child can review them later on at their leisure. These recordings are particularly helpful if they want to go back and refresh their memory or didn’t quite understand something the first time and need to go over the material again.

Offers Flexibility

Online tuition helps simplify your schedule, as well as offering you and your child greater flexibility. If your life during the summer holidays is rather hectic, we know how challenging it can be to find the time for your child to meet with a tutor. By having online sessions available, you can access an array of time slots and tutoring can happen from anywhere your child has access to the internet. It’s also much easier to account for last minute changes to a schedule and revise a lesson at a click of a button.

Ideal For Independent Minds

As children reach their GCSE and A-Levels, they’re often organising their own time and activities, and require less parental input. Online tuition allows teenagers to take ownership of their learning, and work more independently and at times that suit them.

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