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Learn at Home - The Best Educational Websites For Primary and Secondary School Students

In 2020 online education and resources have never been so important for children. In fact, with many kids completing their schooling from home for almost half the school year, learning at home has become the new normal. However, with there being so many websites to choose from it can be tricky to tell which ones are the best and what subjects they cover. To help make it a little more streamlined, we’ve put together a selection of the best educational websites suitable for primary and secondary school students.

The National Geographic
The National Geographic website is full to the brim with information on a whole host of subject areas including the environment, space, animals and world music. The photography is also wonderful and would be great to help with projects and presentations. It’s the perfect resource for your kids if they’re interested in all things science and want to learn more about the world that surrounds them.

BBC Bitesize

Covering primary ages all the way to 16+, BBC Bitesize is designed entirely for student use. There are daily lessons for all ages in core subjects such as English and maths, as well as thousands of free quizzes that chart students’ progress and adapt to their learning as they go. Interactive games have also been specifically designed to be fun, educational, and come with built-in rewards and levels so kids will keep going back! A wonderful resource for any subject.

Primary School BBC Bitesize

Secondary School BBC Bitesize

NASA For Kids
Children who love all things space are sure to enjoy using the NASA for kids website. There’s a tonne of information for kids of all ages, including footage from Mars and the International Space Station, to interviews with astronauts and all the latest news about the most recent space launches and developments. Even better there’s a great variety of games and craft activities for younger children to enjoy.


Ted Ed has a huge collection of educational video content brought to you by TedTalks. Suitable for all ages and covering plenty of topics such as ‘How Vaccines Work’ to ‘Why We Need National Parks’, there’s plenty for primary and secondary school kids to choose from. Each video is also marked with the length and what area of learning it relates to, making it easy for everyone to use.

Natural History Museum
Most major museums have educational sections on their websites, and this one is definitely one of the most interactive ones out there. There are games and fact files linked with current exhibitions, which makes the information relevant and up-to-date. Kids can also virtually visit the museums via the ‘Antcam’ or ‘Flesh Eating Beetlecam.’

Tate Kids

Tate Kids is a great website for primary and secondary students to learn about artists and the process of making all different types of art. There’s an abundance of information about the life and works of a variety of different painters and sculptors, perfect for school projects or homework tasks. You can even learn about specific eras or styles of art such as pop art and impressionism, or discover how different pieces of art might be grouped together.

Brain Pop
The amount of educational resources on Brain Pop is very impressive, with topics covering everything from English and social studies to health and art. There are loads of games and activities that are all guaranteed to help your kids learn at the same time as having fun. It’s a fantastic website to use if your child wants to go over a couple of topics at once.

DK Find Out

DK Find Out is a super colourful resource that’s easy to use and a great learning hub. Covering 14 main subject areas, your kids can choose from computer coding, maths to sports and history. With plenty of information to get stuck into, as well as quizzes and videos, we couldn’t recommend this website more!


Perfect for bookworms or children wanting to get more involved in reading, BookTrust has something for everyone. Kids can get involved in illustration classes, ‘read alongs’, games and quizzes. We particularly like the ‘story starters’ section which is ideal for encouraging kids with their creative writing and getting their imaginations rolling.

Fuse School

Great for budding scientists, Fuse School focuses on maths, chemistry, biology and physics. There’s loads of videos created by qualified teachers which are all short and concise, making them easy to understand for kids of all ages. Topics range from neuroscience to radiation, making this website an excellent booster to school lessons and a great way of revising online.

Other Recommend Websites:

LearnEnglish Kids (Primary Ages)

Get Body Smart

Love Biology (Secondary Ages)

The Children’s University of Manchester (Primary Ages)