The Benefits of Tutoring This Summer to Combat Learning Loss

With a year of school disruptions to account for, the ‘normal’ amount of learning lost during the summer break is likely to much more than expected. With studies from previous years already showing children loose around two months’ worth of educational knowledge over the summer months, considering the year of inconsistent school education too, it’s never been more important to keep their learning up. This loss in learning not only can have a negative impact on your child’s current knowledge but also their future academic success. Hiring a tutor throughout the summer break, is a great strategy to make sure your kids keep on learning. Here’s just some of the benefits to consider.

Retaining Skills And Filling In Learning Gaps

If your child experiences problems with certain skills and concepts during the normal school year, it is quite likely they’ll lose progress if they do not practice those skills and concepts during the summer months. A tutor will work with your child to identify the areas where they need the most help, whether this means filling in learning gaps or maintaining knowledge of the areas they find tricky. A tutor will also be able to determine your child’s learning style, and create a customised plan to help them learn in the way that works for them best. Doing this will not only help fill in the educational gaps, but help them be on the road to academic success for the new school term.

Academic Progress And Improved Grades

Another benefit of hiring a tutor for the summer holidays is it will help your child get ahead for the upcoming school year. Dedicated learning time will give them the opportunity to progress academically, which will be particularly helpful if they’ve been struggling to keep up or are reluctant to do any learning activities during school breaks. It’s also a great time for your kids to work on improving grades, especially if your teen needs to achieve specific grades in order to get into their college or University of choice. A tutor will work hard to ensure your kids have all the right resources and extra help they need to provide them with the knowledge and skills to reach their targets and beyond.

Learning New Things

Often school learning can be focused on the curriculum set by the government, whereas it’s also important for kids to learn new things that perhaps aren’t taught at school. Summer tutoring provides a wonderful opportunity to dive into new topics that really interest your child and they can spend some time focusing on learning things that matter to them. A tutor will help make learning something fun and interesting, which will help your kids expand their knowledge in an area they’re passionate about as well as build up confidence in their interests outside of the classroom.

Practice Important Life Skills

Having a tutor throughout the summer will give your kids the opportunity to practice important skills that will set them up for success in many areas of life. This includes the following:

  • Organisation
  • Time Management
  • Prioritising Tasks
  • Improving Memory
  • Self-Motivation
  • Communication
  • Creating Goals
  • Revision Skills
  • Exam Strategies

A tutor will take the time to help your child grasp these important skills, as well as be able to put them into practice. Developing these skills will not only make your child feel as though they have more control of their studies, their schedules are much more likely to be less hectic and they’ll be able to have better control over their time. It will also give your kids the ability to create their own schedule and start building up independence.

Build Confidence And Self-Esteem

Having a tutor during the summer holidays is a wonderful way to help build happy and confident children. Simply having dedicated time and space to build up and nurture their foundational skills and knowledge is guaranteed to have a positive impact on confidence and self-esteem levels. In fact, studies have even shown a direct link between academic success and self-esteem. A tutor will work hard during their sessions to help your child recognise their strengths, build up confidence levels and encourage them to be enthusiastic about their studies.

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