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Since 2000, our private tutors have understood that in order to help children rise above academic standards, they would have to create a strong foundation of good habits and study skills. Tutor Doctor provides more than academic knowledge—we give students the tools they need to attain success in all their endeavours, academic or otherwise.

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Each of our programmes, regardless of subject, level, or age, are designed to identify gaps in academic knowledge. These gaps, though small, are often located in the foundation of a student’s learning. As a result, they affect the ability to succeed in nearly every subsequent educational level.

By targeting these gaps and providing a concrete list of objectives to fill them in, our home tutors help students conquer early struggles in order to equip them for more efficient, effective learning. Our programmes utilise well-known books and materials selected specifically for each student. Using proven materials with a tailored approach ensures your child is receiving the best possible tutoring for them.

Different Styles of Tuition

With our philosophy and approach, Tutor Doctor is able to provide highly flexible programmes for each pupil’s needs. We offer short-term tutoring, such as when a student needs assistance with an upcoming exam or needs to meet standards for a certain subject. We also offer long-term tutoring, which allows the tutor to meet to a student’s changing learning style as it develops.

Contact Tutor Doctor for a free in-home consultation. We provide every prospective student with a full assessment of their needs, strengths, and weaknesses in order to provide a customised tuition programme. As a result, we can help turn your child into a confident, competent learner.