The Importance Of Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style

As parents, you know your kids well, such as what they like and dislike, their habits and passions. However, gaining an understanding of their specific learning style can be just as important as all the things listed above. As everyone learns in different ways, it’s important for your child to be able to adapt their studies with specific techniques and use resources to maximise learning. Doing this can make all the difference between kids excelling in school or just scraping through. In fact, knowing the best way your kids learn will not only help them inside the classroom but outside too, as learning styles can be adapted into everyday practices. Here’s everything you need to know about why it’s so important to understand your child’s learning style.

What Are Learning Styles?

Simply put, learning styles are the way you acquire information. Children learn faster and retain more when the information is presented to them in their dominant learning style. However, it’s important to remember that children can still learn when they are presented with other styles. The benefit of recognising your child’s preferred learning style means that you can help tailor information and present it in a way that works for them best. Here are the four main types of learners with typical traits of each.

Visual Learners

  • Learns by seeing
  • Responds well to demonstrations
  • Enjoys visually pleasing presentations
  • Thinks in pictures
  • Takes detailed notes
  • Likes to sit at the front of class
  • Very creative/ artistic

Auditory Learners

  • Learns by listening and verbalising
  • Listens for keywords and phrases
  • Responds well when things are read aloud
  • Thinks in a linear fashion
  • Reads slowly
  • Prefers to hear, rather than read information

Kinesthetics Learners

  • Learns through trial and error
  • Prefers a ‘hands on’ approach
  • Uses multiple senses to engage with material
  • Enjoys solving real life problems
  • Short attention span

Read-Write Learners

  • Learns best by reading and writing
  • Easily understands explanations on paper/screen
  • Takes plenty of notes in class
  • Organises thoughts by making lists
  • Translates lessons into words
  • Enjoys reading

Realising All Children Learn Differently

Firstly, it’s important to recognise that all children learn differently, and no two kids work the same. Knowing this and learning about how your child’s brain works best is a really important step in itself. By taking time to discover and understand your child’s learning style, you can quickly turn hard tasks into easier ones and even enhance the way in which you teach them everyday things throughout their life.

The Educational Benefits Are Huge

One of the biggest benefits to understanding and learning about your child’s preferred learning style is the effect it has on their education. Tailoring learning to suit their style or even adapting homework so it works for them better will help your kids learn quickly, easily and most importantly efficiently. In fact, it can really enable them to maximise their potential at school as it will promote effective learning, help them master difficult areas of study and overcome challenges that come with learning new material.

It Has A Positive Impact On All Areas Of Their Life

Once you and your child are aware of their preferred learning style, you may find they have an easier time understanding new information and start finding learning an enjoyable task rather than a chore. It can also really help increase their confidence levels, which as they grow older can go a long way when it comes to areas such as goal setting, pursuing new activities and personal development.