How Schools Can Benefit From Partnering With Tutoring Companies

With tutoring being one of the most effective ways to accelerate pupil progress, partnering with a tutoring company is a great option for schools to now consider. With Government funding also being introduced via the National Tutoring Programme and School Led Tutoring Funding, the support is now there for pupils whose education has been most impacted by the pandemic. It’s even been found that small groups and one-to-one tuition can help boost progress by 3-5 months per pupil, which can make a huge difference to students who have been struggling. Here’s some things to consider when it comes to all the ways schools can benefit from partnering with tutoring companies.

Why Is It Important For Schools To Consider This?

While it’s clear that almost all students have lost some learning, it’s important for schools to reach those whose education has been disrupted the most by the pandemic. Enabling the help of a tutoring company gives them the opportunity to support these students. It’s also important to consider that often access to private tutors is limited to schools or parents that can afford it most, with it being estimated that around 80% of disadvantaged pupils don’t have access to quality tuition. That’s why access to tutoring has now been made more available than ever before for schools via the government funded National Tutoring Programme and School Led Tutoring Funding.

What Are The Benefits?

Academic Progress And Improved Grades

A tutor really can make all the difference when it comes to achieving great grades. They will always work hard to ensure students have the right resources and enough learning time to go through difficult topics to help them reach their targets and beyond.

Filling In Learning Gaps

Tutors will work hard to build back up any missing foundations or gaps in a student’s knowledge. With COVID-19 impacting almost every students’ learning, it is very tricky for teachers to make up time to fill in the gaps, which is why enlisting the help of a tutoring company could completely transform the level of education students will receive and help them get back to where they should be.

A Positive Impact On Students Confidence

Falling behind in class can make some pupils lose confidence in their academic abilities, which can in turn affect performance, contribution and behaviour during lessons. Having tutors on hand will help individuals recognise their strengths, build up confidence levels and encourage them to be enthusiastic about their studies.

How Does It Work?

Tutoring Programmes Are Adaptable

Most tutoring companies will be completely adaptable to the school’s specific needs and will want to meet with the faculty to discuss tutoring requirements, agree a plan of action and gather relevant information that will help them meet the school’s requirements. At Tutor Doctor, we collaborate with schools and teachers to build a tuition programme that is carefully tailored to the students’ needs – ranging from one-to-one to small group tutoring, in-home, online, during or after school.

Students Come First

Enlisting the help of a tutoring company will really help the school put the students’ academic progress back in focus. Most companies will even take the time to meet with teachers to help establish the needs of individual pupils and discuss things like target grades and recent assessment marks. They will also want to meet with the pupils to understand more about the specific problems they’re having and what their personal learning style is, so teaching can be adapted to suit accordingly.

Regular Reviews

Tutoring companies will aim to produce weekly reports that are written by tutors and sent to the teachers to help monitor progress across all levels. Alongside this, tutoring companies will regularly meet with teachers to get feedback and adjust tuition plans accordingly. Here at Tutor Doctor, we monitor progress, share regular session reports with each school we partner with, and make appropriate adjustments along the way to ensure academic goals are being met.

Here’s a testimonial from Parkside Community College, which enlisted Tutor Doctor to help their students’ educational journey.

“We highly value our collaboration with Tutor Doctor in supporting our students to achieve their potential. We have always found Tutor Doctor to be friendly, professional, and adaptable to the varying needs of the students, as well as our needs as an institution. We have been very pleased with the quality of the tutors sourced for our students, the communication from Tutor Doctor, and for the results that they help the students to achieve. As such, we highly recommend Tutor Doctor to other schools.”
– Alexa Minett, Head of English, Parkside Community College

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