Developing Students’ Creativity Through Photography

Creativity is a vital skill that students need to be successful in school and life. It helps with problem-solving, contributes to satisfaction in life and stimulates curiosity. With children having fewer opportunities to develop creativity than ever before, finding simple and fun ways for them to develop their creativity is key. Photography is a simple yet fun activity for them to get involved in that not only builds up their creativity but allows them to learn a new skill which encourages them to be innovative and use their imagination.

Building Imagination

Photography is an excellent outlet for students to use their imagination and be as creative as they want to be. Whether this is letting them have free rein with what they want to shoot or using mood boards to visualise the outcome- encourage students to think outside the box and really embrace photographing any concepts that pop into their head.

Fosters Self-Expression

Students can learn so much about themselves by taking photos of the world around them. Having a camera allows them to express themselves by having the freedom to be creative and capturing the things they personally find inspiring or interesting. It’s an excellent way to foster self-expression and can massively benefit personal wellness.

Encourages Curiosity

Learning how to be curious is one of the most beneficial things to learn when it comes to boosting creativity. Photography actively encourages students to be curious about the world surrounding them and start taking time to notice different things than what they would normally. In fact, it can help them start to question what they’re photographing and ask questions such as why they find something interesting enough to shoot or what is it in particular that drew them to photograph that moment.

Teaches Observation

Photography really helps to teach students how to observe what’s around them. The more they practice photography, the more they have to observe and see the world differently. It encourages them to slow down and focus on the details, as well as get in touch with their intuition and imagination.

Embracing Imperfection

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”Henri Cartier-Bresson

Practicing photography helps students be able to see the beauty in imperfection and the value of the creative process. Being able to let go of perfection also gives students more creative freedom and the ability to accept irregularities in their work encourages growth too. Get students to be playful and experiment with their photographs, as this will help them to enjoy the process rather than purely focusing on the end result.

Photography Project Ideas For Students

A Day in Life
A Day in the life is getting students to take various photos throughout their day. This aims to show a personal snapshot of their life and the type of things they do. It can really inspire creativity in students and the end photos can be extremely diverse and intriguing.


A fun yet simple project is getting students to photograph portraits. Students can take pictures of their classmates, friends or family and experiment with different poses, camera angles and perspectives. It’s an excellent way for students to get creative and try to make simple moments beautiful.

Themed Projects

Having a themed project can be a lot of fun and help to get students to embrace an area they might not have otherwise. This could be anything from black and white photography, 60’s styling or a relaxed candid project. It’s a great way for students to learn about different photographic skills and camera settings, as well as allowing them to be creative at the same time as sticking to a specific brief.