How Can I Improve My Skills As a Tutor?

Are you a tutor looking to learn new ways of teaching your students or expanding the services you offer? Perhaps you’re just starting out and wondering what skills you need as a tutor. As you no doubt tell your students, there is always room for improvement and tutoring is no exception. In this article, we’ll share some ideas on what you can do to add more value to every session, make your lessons fun and memorable, and ultimately attract more students.

Get a Little Flexible

As you’ve probably already learned, every one of your students is different — some love a structured and formal lesson, while others thrive when you throw a few curveballs their way, such as announcing an impromptu quiz or asking them to tell you what they want to learn about next. Outside of the formalities and set syllabus of the school classroom, you can tailor your lessons your way and help your students to get as much as possible out of every session. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little to broaden the learning experience.

Break Out the Memory Helpers

Do you notice that some of your students seem to grasp ideas and concepts faster than others? Feel like you’re repeating yourself? You’d never say it to one of your students but it can be frustrating for both of you to keep going over the same material. In these cases, you can improve your approach by trying something a little different. Break out the memory helpers, such as mnemonics and other forms of word association, or set the information to music. Look to YouTube and other online resources for different ways you can teach a topic or concept, such as this homophone song.

Use Technology to Show Them the Way

Your students are a savvy bunch. They have been born into a world where technology moves fast and information moves faster. They know that if they really want to know something, a quick Google search will take them to the answer. However, it might not always be the right one. By teaching them how to use technology to find answers while also fact-checking along the way, you can prepare them for a number of educational tasks, such as preparing for exams and conducting research for essays.

Ask Your Students How You Can Improve

We all like to be asked our opinion from time to time, and your students are no exception. Asking them how you could improve not only makes them think about their learning experience with you but also helps them to take control of their learning. For you as their tutor, getting some honest feedback can be so valuable. For example, they might have trouble with a certain topic and need you to be clearer, or ask you to throw in a fun test at the end of every lesson.

Be the Best Tutor You Can Be

Your skills as a tutor can always be improved. Whether you are looking to incorporate a little tech in your future lessons, or you want to break out into teaching a new subject, there are so many things you can do to make your lessons more fun and valuable. The key is to keep reviewing your skills, and always be open to new ideas and feedback from your students.

At Tutor Doctor, we’re always looking for driven, passionate, and knowledgeable tutors to join our family. If you believe that you can make a difference in the lives of every student you teach, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us today to find out more about becoming a tutor.