Why It’s Important for Children to Read Aloud

As parents, we do our best to equip our children with the tools and skills that they need to succeed at school and in life. One really powerful tool that often gets overlooked is reading aloud.

This method of reading can help to shape your child’s journey towards comprehension and literacy and nurture their reading skills and confidence. Read on to discover how to help your child to find their reading voice and enjoy reading out loud at home and in school.

Boost Literacy Development

One of the biggest reasons to encourage your child to read aloud is the boost it can give them when it comes to literacy development. When your child was very young, you no doubt read aloud to them (perhaps you still do), taking their little imaginations on wonderful adventures through some well-loved children’s books.

Now it’s their turn to take the spotlight. From early learners to more accomplished readers, reading aloud helps your child to explore the natural rhythm and flow of their speech and build their language skills. It’s a win-win situation.

Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence

When you encourage your child to read aloud, you help them to grow their self-esteem and confidence. It’s their moment, where they can showcase their reading abilities and also receive gentle encouragement and feedback from you. By listening attentively and providing this feedback, you create a supportive and safe environment that nurtures their confidence and love for reading.

This growing belief in themselves will shine through in other areas of their lives. If your child is a reluctant reader, take a look at some of our favourite books for reluctant readers for inspiration.

Strengthening Your Bond

Reading aloud, whether it’s you doing the reading or your child, is a great way to strengthen your bond and connection. As your child snuggles up beside you with their favourite book, you’ll both embark on the same adventure together. Discussing the story, exploring the characters, and talking about the ending will only bring you closer. Reading aloud together is a beautiful way to connect and create lasting memories.

Enhancing Comprehension and Critical Thinking

When your child reads aloud, whether to themselves, to you or at school, they develop critical thinking and comprehension skills without even realising. Encourage them to share their thoughts about the story and plot, and challenge them to think critically. For example, could the story have had a better ending? Are there any lessons to be taken from the story? If they could choose to be a character from the book, who would it be? Fostering their ability to interpret and comprehend the story will help them with all aspects of their education and the world beyond.

Nurturing a Passion For Reading

Reading aloud ignites a love for reading that can last a lifetime. Your child will love making up silly voices for different characters, will feel proud when they get a tricky word right, and will also revel in the praise and feedback you give them. Reading aloud opens up a world of curiosity, wonder, and imagination, motivating them to become avid lifelong readers. Mix it up with children’s books, poetry, and even stories your child has written themselves.

Get Personalised Reading Support

At Tutor Doctor, we understand that reading is the foundation of your child’s learning and that honing this skill will set them up for great things in the future. We offer one-to-one tutoring services that are tailored to the unique needs and learning style of your child. Whether your child is just starting out on their reading journey, or they need help with comprehension for GCSE English, we can assist. Take a look at our website to find a local tutor.