Case Study: Bridging the Educational Gap: Tutor Doctor’s Success at Netherhall School

Netherhall School, a large secondary school in Cambridge, first approached Tutor Doctor in 2018 through the County Alternative Education Provision Guide for help with home tutoring services for a KS4 pupil. While the school has a lower-than-average proportion of pupils with SEN or with an EHCP, they had a number of students who were unable to attend school for a variety of reasons or who had a partial timetable.

Recognising the unique circumstances of these students, Tutor Doctor worked closely with the school to offer home tutoring services focused on core subjects such as English, Maths, and Science. Home tutoring was recommended in order to ensure the student’s comfort and convenience and maximise learning outcomes.

Building Trust and Achieving Success

Over the course of a year, Tutor Doctor provided consistent learning support for the KS4 pupil and helped to guide her through her GCSEs. Lessons were delivered as home tutoring sessions with parents present and were tailored to the needs of the individual student.

We were delighted to continue working with the same student as she progressed into sixth form, assisting her with her A-Level History studies.


Adapting Our Tutoring Services to Unique Situations

Following on from the success of the KS4 student, we were asked to assist with two additional pupils who had been absent from school recently, each for different reasons.

We carefully selected tutors who were able to grasp the unique needs of each student and deliver tutoring sessions accordingly. This required tutors to not only have an expert understanding of the subjects they were delivering but to provide the necessary support and empathy required for these complex situations.

“Tutor Doctor Cambridge has been part of the County Alternative Education Provision Directory for more than a year and are at the highest provider level 4. They already work with students from more than six schools in and around Cambridge as well as a number of students not currently in school. I have had nothing but excellent feedback about them and use them as a benchmark of good practice.”

— Anna Wahlandt, County Alternative Education Provision Manager, Cambridgeshire

Supporting Health-Related Learning Challenges

More recently, Tutor Doctor was called upon by the school to assist an A-Level Maths student who was unable to attend school due to health issues. Recognising the importance of the student’s academic progress and emotional well-being, Tutor Doctor carefully matched the student with a tutor with excellent Maths expertise and interpersonal skills.

The collaboration between Netherall School and Tutor Doctor is set to continue into Year 13 and demonstrates our commitment to supporting students throughout their educational journey no matter what the challenge.

Tutor Doctor’s Tutoring Solutions Adapt to Your Schedule and Needs

Tutor Doctor Cambridge founder and Director Rob Kerrison has been delighted with the work so far with Netherhall.

“We had already worked with a good number of Cambridge schools prior to working with Netherhall, and we learn more on every assignment. We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Netherhall and be able to demonstrate the level of service we can provide across a variety of fairly complex situations. We are very excited to be continuing to work with Netherhall over the coming years.” he said.

No matter what special needs your school has, Tutor Doctor can adapt our services to meet them. From arranging SEND tutoring to scheduling home tutoring sessions in specific subjects, our school tuition support services are flexible and adaptable. Get in touch with your local office today to find out more.