Case Study: Supporting Student Success: Tutor Doctor’s Partnership With Chesterton Community College

At Tutor Doctor, we take pride in our dedication to providing personalised educational support to schools. We were delighted to be able to partner with Chesterton Community College to help some of their students achieve academic success.

The college, winner of the Secondary School of the Year Award the previous year, was a progressive school in evidently good shape. They approached Tutor Doctor Cambridge for help with a select group of Year 11 students.

Read on to discover how our collaboration with the school and expertise in tutoring maximised the potential of these students.

Addressing the Academic Challenges

The students chosen to receive educational support were identified as having the potential to get that all-important C-grade but needed extra support to get there.

These students also benefited from government funding under a Pupil Premium grant. This allowed the college to allocate resources effectively.

Tutor Doctor welcomed the opportunity to provide school tutoring services to these students. Building on our previous successes with other schools, we tailored our approach to meet Chesterton’s special requirements.

Working under the guidance of the Head Teacher, Assistant Head, and the Head of Maths, we got to learn all about the specific needs of the students and how best to offer our tutoring services. The result of these discussions was a detailed brief that reflected the needs and expectations of the school.

Navigating the Logistical Challenges

We knew early on that implementing the tutoring programme was going to be as challenging as it was exciting. This was a unique tutoring timetable that would involve holding twice-weekly sessions at 8:30 am for 30 minutes each.

We had some logistical hurdles to overcome along the way, such as tutors commuting through the rush-hour traffic to get to the city centre school. There were also some attendance issues that needed to be dealt with.

Fortunately, our team was dedicated to being punctual and ensuring seamless tutoring sessions were delivered on time. Additionally, a member of the school’s management team was present on-site for every session.

Tailoring Our Support as Needs Changed

As the programme progressed, we were able to adapt our services to suit the changing needs of the students. For example, we expanded our offering to include one-to-one tutoring during study periods or lunchtimes, as well as home tutoring sessions held during the holidays.

The school and students appreciated this flexibility and tailored support. Going forward, the school was very happy with the results and confirmed their interest in continuing the programme for the next academic year.

“This was the first time that we have been involved with an external tutoring company. I was really pleased with how it worked out; Tutor Doctor was able to deal with the complexities of tricky timings, nine different tutors, managing communications between the school and the tutors and keeping track of attendance. I look forward to the GCSE results and am already planning the next stage of work.”

— Mrs Hargraves, Head of Maths

Creating a Supportive Learning Environment For All Schools

At Tutor Doctor, we are proud of the educational support services we provide to schools and the success our tutoring programmes bring. Our work at Chesterton Community College was no exception. Not only did our school tuition support services benefit students academically, but it also fostered a supportive learning environment.

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