Case Study: Enhancing Education: Bishop Stopford School’s Journey with Tutor Doctor

Bishop Stopford School, a CofE Voluntary Aided Secondary School in Kettering, has earned an outstanding reputation for academic excellence and strong leadership. With a focus on nurturing positive attitudes towards learning and upholding Christian values, the school stands out as one of the best in the local area.

The school approached Tutor Doctor to offer further educational support to students on free school meals (FSM). While the school is in the lowest quintile for FSM, the school felt that school tuition support via a third party was more suitable than setting up an in-house team.

Read on to discover more about this successful collaboration and the positive impact it had on the students.

Creating a Supportive Partnership

Bishop Stopford School recognised the importance of supporting FSM students and sought school tuition support that would maximise efficiency while providing dedicated assistance to each child.

Tutor Doctor emerged as the perfect solution thanks to our years of experience and our ability to provide personalised tutoring services. By working in partnership with our Cambridge office, the school was able to develop a programme of support for various subjects including English, Maths, French, and Science.

Setting Up a Successful Tutoring Programme

To ensure the success of the tutoring programme, Tutor Doctor carried out a series of in-home consultations with students and their parents. During these consultations, we collected essential information about each student, such as learning gaps, specific requirements, and predicted grades.

Equipped with this knowledge, we were able to accurately match students with the most suitable tutors.

Delivering the Programme

In March 2014, Tutor Doctor began delivering our tutor programme to 17 students from Bishop Stopford School. The main focus was on students from Year 10 and Year 11 and preparing them for their upcoming GCSEs.

The tutoring sessions were primarily held within the school and were specially tailored to address learning gaps and ensure pupils were ready to take on their exams. We shared monthly session reports with the school’s leadership team that summarised each student’s progress.

“Every year we explore new options with regard to tuition. The original plan was for just one-to-one tuition, which then evolved into group sessions; some with same ability students but others without. This year we hope to work together on an even bigger project that sees after-school sessions provided for up to 10 students at a time. With the previous good track record of Tutor Doctor and their delivery of all that has been asked, I have no doubt this will succeed and as a result, the students will benefit significantly.”

– Wesley Lewis, Bishop Stopford School

Looking Ahead

The partnership between Bishop Stopford School and Tutor Doctor was a big success that helped to boost confidence, bridge learning gaps, and provide targeted support.

Looking ahead, the school plans to continue working closely with Tutor Doctor to provide tailored tutoring support for its students. By harnessing the power of personalised tutoring, the school aims to nurture a culture of academic success.

School Tuition Services Tailored to Your Exact Needs

We’re proud to see the success of the students that we worked with at Bishop Stopford School, and we are very excited to continue our relationship with them through the coming years.

At Tutor Doctor, we offer school tuition support that can be tailored to overcome learning challenges and help students reach their full potential. Get in touch with your local office today to find out more.