Case Study: Supporting Cambridgeshire Children in Care With Quality Tutoring Services

Imagine being a child in care, facing numerous uncertainties and challenges. While support and stability are important for children in care, there’s another critical element that often gets overlooked: education. For many children in the care system, having access to quality education can be an uphill struggle, with a number of obstacles standing in the way.

Read on to discover how Tutor Doctor Peterborough helped Cambridgeshire Virtual School to overcome many of these challenges with online and face-to-face tutoring services.

How Cambridgeshire Virtual School Revolutionises Education For Children in Care

Cambridgeshire Virtual School is a team of teachers and dedicated education professionals who support and improve educational outcomes for children in care in Cambridgeshire between the ages of 2 and 18. Where any child or young person is not accessing school or another education provider it is their responsibility to support access and reintegration.

The school offers a wide selection of virtual educational resources, including virtual classrooms, personalised learning plans, and access to qualified teachers who provide teaching sessions and support remotely.

The Challenge: Providing Educational Support For Vulnerable and Hard-to-Reach Learners

Many of the children that Cambridgeshire Virtual School supports have complex and challenging needs. From trauma and emotional challenges to significant gaps in education, supporting children in care requires a flexible approach in order to overcome these barriers. However, through a collaborative partnership between the school and Tutor Doctor, these challenges were overcome, and children received the educational support they needed and deserved.

How Tutor Doctor Delivered Tailored Tutoring For Individual Success

The school approached Tutor Doctor Peterborough Huntingdon Stamford during the academic year 2019-20 to assist them with teaching some of their most vulnerable and hard-to-reach learners. We were delighted to help.

The wheels were set in motion to deliver flexible tutoring services at a variety of locations. It was important that we worked closely with Cambridge Virtual School so that we not only understood the educational needs of each child but that we also understood their emotional or behavioural needs.

Lessons were delivered as both face-to-face tutoring sessions and online tutoring sessions. Lessons covered a range of curriculum subjects, including English and Maths and covered all age groups.

“Tutor Doctor supplied regular reports to track the progress and attainment of individual children and work collaboratively with a range of professionals to support the child.”

– Zoe Lattimer, Deputy Head Teacher, Cambridgeshire Virtual School

Attention was given by Tutor Doctor to ensure:

  • The personality and teaching style of the tutor was well matched to the needs of the child
  • The child’s wishes, needs and interests were promoted
  • Sessions were differentiated and engaging and offered flexibly as required
  • The tutor worked to support the child’s wider educational journey
  • Safeguarding was paramount


Flexible Tutoring Services That Can Be Tailored to Every Situation

We were happy to work with Cambridgeshire Virtual School to provide personalized tutoring sessions to their students. Whether you are a virtual school in need of tutoring services, or a high school looking for extracurricular tuition, we can help.

At Tutor Doctor, we offer school tuition support that can be tailored to address a wide range of educational needs. Get in touch with your local office today to find out more.