Best Tuition Delivery to Schools Award Winners: Rob & Lynne Kerrison of Tutor Doctor Cambridge

Rob and Lynne Kerrison, owners of Cambridge-based tutoring business, Tutor Doctor, are celebrating a huge success after being crowned the winners of a national tutoring award. The husband-and-wife duo have been honoured by a distinguished panel of judges with the National Tutoring Award 2023 for ‘Best Tuition Delivery to Schools’, presented at this year’s glitzy award ceremony in London on 30th June.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have been given such a prestigious award,” said Rob. “It’s been an amazing 13 years so far, and it’s incredibly satisfying to know that our collaborative efforts with schools in and around Cambridge are being recognised. Offering a professional tutoring solution for schools and councils is something we’re passionate about, enabling us to make a real positive impact on students, particularly those who are disadvantaged or may need extra support, so this is a very proud moment for us. To see Tutor Doctor Cambridge be acknowledged for the work we do in schools across Cambridgeshire and further afield as part of our work on the Department of Education’s National Tutoring Programme is just an unbelievable feeling.”

Tutor Doctor Cambridge provides in-home, in-school and online one-to-one tutoring, helping students across the region to achieve their potential. Rob and Lynne’s sole aim is to change the trajectory of children’s lives for the better, giving them the support and personalised tutoring they need to set them up for success. This academic year alone, the business has delivered tutoring programmes to over 30 school partners and local authorities. With a team of 200 highly qualified tutors, Tutor Doctor Cambridge administers around 20,000 hours of tutoring each year, of which about 65% is to schools and local authority clients, working with significantly disadvantaged students who are often struggling with mental health issues and those unable to access mainstream schooling.

“Our efforts over the last 13 years have led to us becoming the tutoring provider of choice across Cambridge, so we couldn’t be more delighted to be recognised with such an incredible accolade,” added Lynne. “It goes without saying that without our amazing team this would never have been possible; our dedicated support team and our amazingly hard-working tutors have enabled us to grow the business and to consistently deliver the exceptional service that our clients and students expect from us. Rob and I set out to inspire students and to make a real difference to their lives, so it feels incredible that The Tutors’ Association and their panel of judges have recognised that too.”

The second annual National Tutoring Awards, organised by The Tutors’ Association, showcases the quality and diversity of professional tutors and tuition businesses. They identify individuals and organisations that can demonstrate how they have made a transformative difference to students’ academic careers and life chances and work tirelessly to support students across the UK and internationally.

“Tutor Doctor Cambridge demonstrated an extraordinary dedication towards delivering quality tuition at scale, in line with their four watchwords of being ‘local, friendly, professional and flexible’”, said John Nichols, President of The Tutors’ Association. “Their approach to delivering tuition in partnership with schools impressed the judges by being both thoroughly well-organised and structured whilst also offering a high degree of adaptability to each school and student’s needs, which was borne out by the comments made by the referees. Their model of continuous improvement, innovation and communication clearly showed how school leaders were well supported in putting in place highly impactful tuition programmes.”

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