Ideas For A Sensory Scavenger Hunt This Autumn

With autumn just around the corner, it’s time to look forward to vibrant hues of gold, russet, and auburn, crunchy leaves underfoot, and the unmistakable aromas of earth and morning mist.

For children, autumn is a sensory playground just waiting to be explored. There’s no better way to engage them in all the season has to offer than with a sensory scavenger hunt. Tailored for children both with sensory issues and without, we’ve put together some wonderful activities that celebrate the beauty of the natural world and the changing seasons.

Why a Sensory Scavenger Hunt?

Before we dive into all the treasures that autumn has to offer, let’s look into the reasons why a seasonal scavenger hunt is such a great idea. Sensory activities like this immerse children in their environment and give them a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Scavenger hunts aren’t just fun; they’re a learning experience, too. For children with sensory sensitivities especially, this activity provides them with the opportunity to explore their surroundings in a safe and controlled manner.

Sensory Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunts are a great excuse to get outdoors to experience the magic of autumn. Weather permitting, of course! Even if the elements are against you, you can still enjoy some of the wonders of autumn indoors. Let’s take a look at some sensory scavenger hunt ideas.

Visual Delights and Autumnal Sights

Autumn is a riot of colour and wildlife. Create a checklist of autumn wonders for your child to tick off. These items could include a squirrel gathering nuts, the morning dew on a spiderweb or the first tree that has turned golden in the garden. Your child will love taking in the world around them and completing their list.

Textured Treasures

Time to explore outside! This could be in your local park, the forest or in your garden at home. Give your child a bag and ask them to gather items that have different textures. From the smooth feel of a conker to the roughness of fallen bark, touching and comparing these items can be a soothing activity.

Aromas of the Season

In addition to its wonderful sights, autumn is rich with scents. Toasted marshmallows on hot chocolate, crisp leaves, pinecones, the smell of earth after it rains; explore these scents with your child inside or outside.

Can You Hear That Sound?

As the season changes from summer to autumn, so do the sounds you can hear. Listen to the whispering wind through the trees, the call of migrating birds or the soft pitter-patter of the rain. Listening to these sounds closely helps children to sharpen their auditory senses. If you can’t get outside, here are some autumnal sounds to listen to while you cosy up at home.

Taste Test

This activity may require some adult supervision but it’s a great way to enjoy seasonal produce. From freshly picked juicy blackberries and crisp apples to crunchy nuts and these easy-to-bake pumpkin muffins, there are so many fabulous autumn flavours to explore.

Making It Inclusive

For children with sensory issues, it’s important to adjust the hunt to their needs and abilities, Some may find certain textures, sounds or smells too overwhelming or intense. Offering a range of choices and letting your child control the pace of their exploration will ensure the experience is beneficial and enjoyable for them.

Connecting the Scavenger Hunt to Learning

There are so many gentle learning opportunities to be found in a scavenger hunt. Every item your child discovers can be a topic of discussion: Why do leaves change colour? Why do some animals hibernate? Why does it get darker earlier during the winter months?

And this is where Tutor Doctor can bolster that learning. As your child explores the magic of autumn through scavenger hunts and other activities, our tutors can weave academic aspects into the mix. For example, your tutor could ask your child to write about their experience on the hunt and the items they heard, saw, tasted and found. This would be a great opportunity to practice recall and also use essay-writing skills and structures.

The Hunt For the Right Tutor Ends Here

Tutor Doctor offers a tailored approach to learning, ensuring that every lesson suits your child and their individual needs. Perhaps your child is a visual learner, or maybe they love problem-solving. Your tutor will get to know you and your child so that you get the best out of every lesson.

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