Meet Our Owners

Tutor Doctor Tutor Doctor Cambridge

Rob and Lynne Kerrison


In 2010, Rob and Lynne left successful careers in Marketing and HR respectively, and decided it was time to build a business together. They have always considered themselves to be a strong team and wanted to create a business they would be proud of. With their young children starting school and 40th birthdays on the horizon, they decided it was time to make their plans a reality.

Rob and Lynne went on the hunt for inspiration in order to start their scary journey away from corporate life. Just as they were researching various routes, a Canadian based business called Tutor Doctor was presented to them; it appealed to them on so many levels. The biggest attraction was that it was about helping people (and especially children) learn and helping them fulfil their potential. Rob and Lynne felt this business idea was perfect for them, perfect for their values and perfect for Cambridge. And here we are today, still going strong and 2010 seems like a long time ago.