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Our office team are based in Saffron Walden, to the south of Cambridge. There are 6 of us there and our role is to ensure that the service we provide meets the expectations for our families, schools and tutors. Here’s a little bit of background on each of us and our roles within the team and there are even pictures of people who look a bit like us too. (Well, not quite a full set yet, but we’ll get there…)

Rob Kerrison

Rob sundefinedtarted the business back in 2010, after a career in Sales and Marketing for large multinational companies. This was the first time that Rob had run his own business and loves the freedom it provides to really deliver the kind of service that is not always possible in a corporate environment.

Rob continues to manage the marketing for the business and whilst still very hands-on with most elements of the day to day, his focus is increasingly on the development of the business, in particular with the schools in and around Cambridge where we now have a dozen partnerships in place.

Lynne Kerrisonundefined

Lynne’s got a very strong background in business too, having worked for many years at Tesco to senior positions within their HR function.

For Tutor Doctor, Lynne looks after all aspects on the money side of things and the various processes that must be in place to ensure everything runs as it should. Lynne and Rob first worked together when they were on the same Business degree course at University and, some 20 years later teamed up again. To be fair they’ve been a pretty decent team in between times too; who says husbands and wives can’t work together…?

Natasha Eagleton

Natasha looks afterundefined the recruitment side of things in the Cambridge office and is the first member of team that new tutors get to know when they work through the application process. Natasha’s background is working in the City for various Stockbrokers, managing the middle office and Project Managing. Her energy and people skills have made her a hugely valuable member of the team since she joined us in 2011. Natasha first met Lynne and Rob at ante-natal classes, of all things, and became good friends. When Natasha decided to head back to work she was quickly enticed into joining Rob and Lynne as the business had grown at such a pace and they needed to surround themselves with capable people who shared their values and they knew they could trust.

“Friendly staff and tutors who really get to know their students”-Kelly and Ian, Sewards End

Angie Hartland

undefinedIn exactly the same vein, Angie was also a friend of Rob and Lynne’s in Saffron Walden (and still is, although when she sees the photo I’ve used here she’s going to kill me!!). Like Natasha she also had her arm twisted to join Tutor Doctor rather than going back to her previous career (in logistics and change management) when her children started school.

Angie has key responsibility for the student matching process, assigning the right tutor to the student based on the outcome of the consultation and then making everything come together. Entirely unflappable and always positive we’d all like to be more like Angie…

Patti Hutchinson-Duncan

undefinedSimilar to Tutor Doctor (and Justin Bieber), Patti also hails from Canada but has been based in the UK for over 30 years now and has brought up her children here.

Patti mainly looks after the evening shift for us, working between 3 and 7pm which can be a key time of day to speak to tutors and customers. Patti joined us in January 2014 and as well as sorting out any operational tasks that spill over from the daytime she is also the one that follows up with customers each day, checking that everything is going to plan and managing the communication between the office, the customer and the tutor.

Carol Ward

undefinedWe probably spend as much of our time looking after our tutors as our customers and as we have grown, we’ve needed to add to our office resource in ensuring the administration side of things for recruiting and managing our tutor team works smoothly. Carol joined us in 2015 and has held a range of posts over the years for various companies and is one of those marvellous people that plough through her workload with great speed and accuracy and picks up all the stuff that Natasha just can’t get to any more. Having enormously efficient people on the team is something that should always be encouraged!

Lindsaye Costen

undefinedLindsaye is the newest member of our team and looks after the schools’ side of our business that provides tuition for pupils in the state and private sector in school and in additional provision across the Cambridge area. Lindsaye’s background is in children’s publishing and journalism including a long involvement with educational newspaper First News and four years working for children’s education charity Achievement for All. She got to know Lynne during a five-year stint as a school governor and, when she decided to give up her long commute to work, was quickly persuaded to join the team here. Lynne says Lindsaye has added lots to the team but perhaps her favourite is the introduction of Cake Friday !

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