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Tutor Doctor has worked with students of all ages, providing one-to-one tutoring sessions that garner results. With Pupil Premium funding on the rise, schools are turning more and more towards personalised tuition programmes to help students attain their academic goals. We understand the rigorous performance measurements the government puts in place to ensure funds are being used wisely. Our programmes and instruction are carefully geared to ensure national curriculum standards are met.

As one of the most influential ways to educate students, one-to-one tuition is a Pupil Premium priority for many schools. Across the country, academic institutions rely on our programmes because we know how to help students achieve desired results. Furthermore, we instill invaluable study skills pupils can use well outside of the classroom.

How Tutor Doctor benefits schools:

  • Establish challenging, detailed success criteria & share with students
  • Collaborate with schools & teachers to determine skills gaps and create clear plans for progress
  • Provide regular feedback and produce progress reports for each session
  • Deliver personalised tutoring sessions that targets specific knowledge gaps & curriculum

Why Consider Tutor Doctor for Your School?

First and foremost, we have a proven record of helping students achieve their goals and become competent learners. A third-party study of Tutor Doctor found that 95% of our clients would recommend our services to others. A level of satisfaction that high is only achieved when the tutors are utterly committed to educational attainment for every student.

Other reasons to choose Tutor Doctor:

  • Offer tuition to fill crucial knowledge gaps
  • Provide training in life skills to supplement academic skill
  • Create customised programmes to address each student’s needs
  • Deliver engaging tutoring sessions with a clear purpose and objective

Most importantly, the tutors with Tutor Doctor adhere to strict security protocols. Each tutor is locally recruited based on their aptitude in their area of study, their ability to communicate with pupils, and their suitability to work with children. Each tutor is DBS-checked and competent in creating safe and appropriate learning environments.

Make sure your Pupil Premium funding is spent wisely – call 0800 011 9729 to learn how Tutor Doctor can help your students excel.

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Working with Schools.

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  • Tutor Doctor When I had Tutor Doctor, it really helped me pull my confidence up because now I know all my times tables.
  • Tutor Doctor Very professional team but with a personal touch.
  • Tutor Doctor We are extremely happy with our experience using your company – money well spent!
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