Case Study: Helping Sawtry Village Academy to Support Students With Unique Needs

Education is a fundamental right that every child should have access to, regardless of their individual circumstances or needs. This is a belief shared by Sawtry Village Academy, a secondary school and sixth form in Cambridgeshire. They faced the challenge of supporting two students with unique educational needs.

To help them provide the best possible learning journey for these students, the school turned to Tutor Doctor. Let’s explore how Tutor Doctor delivered one-to-one tutoring services and how we worked alongside the school to achieve successful outcomes.

Supporting a Student With Medical Needs

One of the students that required assistance was a Year 9 student who was undergoing continuous medical treatment. This ongoing treatment prevented them from attending school on a regular basis. To bridge the subsequent gaps in education, Tutor Doctor provided in-home tutoring in Maths, English, and Science. We delivered eight hours of tailored tutoring every week and scheduled these sessions to work alongside the student’s hospital treatments. We were delighted to help this student keep up with their studies and reintegrate into mainstream education in July 2021.

“Tutor Doctor has been fantastic with supporting a student who was unfortunately unable to attend school.”
– Ashley Yeomans Assistant Principal at Sawtry Village Academy

How Tutor Doctor’s Approach Was Received

The Assistant Principal of Sawtry Village Academy commended Tutor Doctor’s tutors for their rapport-building skills, understanding, and flexibility in delivering one-to-one sessions. By adapting lessons to suit the student’s situation and needs, we were able to create a seamless learning experience. The tutors provided regular progress reports, ensuring open communication between students, the school, and parents. The student’s mother also praised the tutors’ ability to connect with her child and tailor one-to-one tutoring sessions.

Supporting a Student With Complex Issues

The second student that we supported was a Year 10 student with a complex set of needs. They had previously struggled with alternative provisions. We initially suggested in-home tutoring. However, the student had difficulties in this environment and didn’t respond well to the first tutor we assigned. Recognising the urgency of the situation, we reassessed the situation and proposed a change in the environment and tutor. Sessions were carried out within the school setting and the student became more engaged and interested in learning. The combination of the tutor’s efforts and the student’s positive attitude resulted in more sessions being arranged.

Continued Success and Future Plans

The positive outcomes achieved with the second student led to the decision to continue tutoring into the next academic year. Sawtry Village Academy expressed their satisfaction with Tutor Doctor’s ability to support a challenging student who had previously struggled with alternative provisions. The Assistant Principal acknowledged the tutor’s perseverance in building rapport and employing a relaxed approach that helped the student make great progress in Maths. With the aim of completing GCSEs in Maths and English, Tutor Doctor will continue to provide support for this student into Year 11.

We’re Dedicated to Helping Your Students Go Far No Matter the Challenge

Our partnership with Sawtry Village Academy was a huge success and one we are very proud of. Through personalised one-to-one tutoring and understanding the unique needs of each student, we were able to help them overcome many of the educational barriers they had been facing.

If you have identified students in your school with similar learning challenges, contact Tutor Doctor today to learn more about our school tutoring services. Let’s work together to create a brighter future through education. Get in touch with your local office today to get started.