Meet Our Owner

Suzanna Boon

With a background in Psychology and a successful career in Sales & Marketing, Suzanna is well placed to lead a tutoring business with knowledge and compassion.

With 2 young children, both of whom are at school, Suzanna has valuable insight into the struggles of parenthood and school life-giving her an empathetic starting point when meeting families.

“I believe our role is to create opportunities for generations of children to grow up with the skills and confidence they need to create a positive future for themselves. Our aim is to do this by supporting children and their families on their educational journey and to leave a positive and lasting impact on the local community.”

Suzanna knows from her own experience how stressful it can be when you are trying to find support for your children. Her goal is to ensure that Tutor Doctor Winchester makes the process of finding the right tutor as easy as possible so that families feel supported right from the beginning. She places a huge emphasis on the importance of understanding a child’s learning style and, the value to children, of finding a tutor that can adapt to their style and their needs. With a dedicated team of checked and highly qualified tutors to support this, her hope is that families quickly feel the unique benefits of the Tutor Doctor experience. All tutors within the Tutor Doctor team are thoroughly screened, checked, and really care about the success of your child!

“I love nothing more than hearing from one of our students when they have achieved something they are proud of…be it an exam grade, a spelling test, reciting something in class, or just having gained the confidence to go into school with a smile on their face. We take pride in their achievements and feel very grateful to have been able to be a small part of their success story.”