6 New Year's Resolutions for the Whole Family

6 New Year's Resolutions for the Whole Family

2015 has been a busy year for everyone and with a new year just around the corner there really is no better time to sit down as a family and make some resolutions together. Here at Tutor Doctor we know that it’s important to have your own personal goals, but it’s equally important to have them as a family too. We’ve come up with a few ideas for you and your whole family to aim for in 2016. Make it the best year yet!

Get Unplugged
We’re all guilty of spending too much time with our electronics and not enough time communicating with one another. We dare you to have an afternoon without checking your emails, no TV or laptops and turn off your phones- we guarantee you will have loads of fun! Set a goal of spending one day a month as a family without your gadgets and enjoy the outdoors, a board game marathon or a crafty day!

Eat Healthy
It’s important that as a family you commit to eating healthy meals together as well as encourage everyone to adopt healthier eating habits out of home. Try planning some nutritious meals and remember fruit and veggies really are your best friend. Getting the kids involved in the kitchen is also a really easy way to make them more interested and adventurous when it comes to mealtimes.

Encourage Exercise
We know how easy it is for New Year’s Resolutions to be forgotten as the winter months start to set in. Encouraging exercise is important for your family to stay healthy and more importantly happy. Make fitness fun by doing family activities that get you all moving. Why not try a family bike ride, going for a walk after dinner or heading down to your local tennis court and have a couple of games?

Do Housework Together
Having a system for household responsibilities is super important as it spreads out the work evenly rather than having one person doing it all. We also know that nagging and reminding your kids to do their chores can sometimes feel like a chore in itself. Instead try keeping a chore jar with all the different tasks in and get everyone to pick out one each week. This way it keeps things different and dare we say it exciting. You could also create a chore chart and get everyone to tick it off once they have completed their tasks! Whoever finishes their housework the quickest wins a small prize. Now there’s an incentive!

Live Green
Living ‘green’ is good for the planet, your family and even your bank account. Check out your local recycling program and make sure you’re recycling everything you can. An easy way to get the whole family involved in this is by having some mini coloured bins next to your main waste bin and label them so everyone knows the correct place for waste. Other easy ways to live greener as a family include using reusable carrier bags, buying organic food when you can and turning off switches and lights when they don’t need to be on. It really does make all the difference.

Spend more quality time with each other
Finally the most important resolution of them all- spending more quality time with each other. We know that having a super busy schedule means that you all struggle to find time to have fun as a family. It’s important that you do make time, even if it is just for a few hours! Try by scheduling a family night once a week or making plans at the weekend doing something you all enjoy. Whether it’s a trip to the park, a cozy night at home watching movies or just having dinner together- it really counts.

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