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8 Tips for Christmas Revision

Revising for exams over Christmas isn’t the most exciting prospect, but with January exams looming it’s important to get started with your revision. Here at Tutor Doctor we know that preparing for exams can be stressful especially when you would rather be spending time with your friends and family than learning equations. But your festive break need not be a whirlwind of essays and panic – there’s still loads of time for fun along with plenty of revision. Here’s 8 tips to make your Christmas revision that little bit easier!

1.Plan around Christmas activities
It’s often unrealistic to set aside whole days for revision over the Christmas break. There will be undoubtedly a festive party to go to, last minute shopping to do, festive films to watch and family to go and visit. It’s important to plan around these events. Slot in an hour of revision before you watch ‘The Grinch’ or complete some practice questions after you’ve been Christmas shopping. If you plan and set yourself targets, you will be surprised how much fun you can have at the same time as working hard!

2. Work little and often
Sometimes revision can be overwhelming, especially if you have a few different exams to work towards. It’s important to set yourself bite-sized tasks to start chipping away at the large workload you might be facing. Doing a little bit each day means you will still have time to enjoy the Christmas holidays with friends and family and not overload yourself with work. Once you have achieved a little it is also likely you will inspire yourself to do more.

3. Prioritise
When you have a bunch of exams to revise for it’s easy to only concentrate on the ones you find the easiest. It’s crucial to prioritise your time to ensure you dedicate an equal amount of time for each subject. Remember that if you are finding something particularly tricky then make sure you allow for a couple more revision hours.

4. Get organised
Make sure that you are organised when it comes to your revision. You will save a lot of time if all of your notes are neat and filed systematically. This way important information will be more accessible and not stressful to find. It’s also a great idea to create a rough revision timetable. Even if you just make a note of what topic you want to revise each day and stick to it. This way you can make sure you allocate enough time for each exam.

5. Reward yourself festive style!
Have a checklist of the things you want to complete by each revision session and reward yourself each time you tick something off. Whether it’s a 5-minute break, a cup of tea or a mince pie, incentives are sure to keep you going.

6. Get the family involved
There certainly isn’t a rule saying that revision is a solo activity. As Christmas is a time for family, who not get them involved too? They can test you with note cards, proof read essays or just keep bringing you festive snacks and hot drinks.

7. Get out of the house
Christmas at home can be busy and sometimes distracting, especially with family and friends visiting. If you are finding it hard to settle down and revise, heading to your local coffee shop or library will do you the world of good. Here you can fully concentrate without being disturbed. Even if it is for an hour or two, getting out the house will be a refreshing change of scenery.

8. Work with a private tutor
If you are struggling to motivate and discipline yourself, a private tutor might be the right option for you. Book in for two or three sessions over the Christmas period, this way there are no excuses! Your tutor will set your homework, deadlines but also keep you motivated throughout the festive period.

How can Tutor Doctor help?
Here at Tutor Doctor we offer an affordable, one-to-one home tutoring service that works around you. We provide students with a personalised education that is tailored to suit their abilities, learning style and personality. More importantly we aim to help students grow intoindependent learners, as we realise that they shouldn’t become dependent on us.

Whether you need a tutor for a long term period or just to help you get through some tough January exams- Tutor Doctor is here to help you reach your goals and beyond.

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