6 Fun Activities to Do This Half Term

6 Fun Activities to Do This Half Term

It only seems like last week that it was the Easter holidays and already half term is on our doorsteps. We want to share six fun activities that you can do this half term so that you can keep the boredom at bay and your child’s mind active and inspired.

1. Go Outside

May half term is the perfect time to get outside with your children and enjoy the fresh air. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a picnic – it’s important to make the most of the time you’re able to spend outdoors. If the sun is shining then spending the day at the beach building sandcastles, collecting shells and even having a brave swim in the sea is guaranteed to be a day filled with fun.

Exploring nature is another way of getting the kids out in the open. Here in the UK there are loads of National Trust sites to discover, which can be really educational and interesting for children. If you fancy doing something slightly more challenging perhaps plan a family camping trip- even if it’s in your garden. It will really give kids a sense of adventure and feel as if they are exploring.

2. Get Crafty

Arts and crafts are a great way to turn around a rainy afternoon. Try creating a scrapbook filled with clippings from old magazines and favourite family photos. Alternatively get painting, drawing, sticking, gluing, building or modelling with some clay or play dough. It will definitely get their creativity flowing.

A less messy approach is giving your child a disposable camera for the day. Set them a task of taking pictures of things that they like or of places they have been that day. It’s a really fun and inexpensive way to engage your kids imagination and inspire them.

3. Declutter

Make the most of the half term by having a family declutter day- it can even be enjoyable rooting though old items and reminiscing. Get the kids involved by getting them to sort through their own things- we bet there are loads of books, toys and clothes that they have grown out of. If you’ve got the time, organising a car boot sale will be great incentive for your children to earn some extra pocket money. Get them to help you set up the stall and even have a go at selling. Encouraging kids to join in with activities like this can surprisingly help boost confidence levels and build on their people skills.

4. Visit the library

If you’ve got a few hours free a great place to visit is your local library. It’s the perfect place for your child to indulge in reading as it gives them the freedom to choose their own books. The novelty of coming back next time and choosing something different is also exciting and will encourage them to want to read what they have borrowed.

5. Get Baking

Spending the morning baking is a fantastic way to encourage your children to become familiar with the kitchen and cooking. It’s also a lot of fun following recipes, weighing out ingredients and getting really messy. Baking doesn’t have to be extravagant either- choose from simple child friendly recipes such as flapjacks, cookies, cupcakes or brownies. It will be a treat for all the family and will also give you quality one-to-one time with the kids.

6. Be active

It’s important that you keep your kids active during the half term, but we know this isn’t always easy. Try fun alternative ways to get the body moving such as spending the afternoon swimming, canoeing, kayaking or taking a family trip on a cycle trail. If you really want to try something different then why not pay a visit to a treetop adventure forest filled with zip lines and rope slides. You may be surprised on how much fun you can have too.

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